Dying Light 2’s update makes it the king of parkour games.

I used to say that Mirrors edge still had something against Dying Light 2 in terms of parkour as it was smoother. But now not only is Dying Light 2 parkour as smooth or better than Mirrors edge, but this is also a fully explorable environment, you can scale any building which is another advantage.

They have added E3 2018 billboard knife jump as well. I don’t think there are many developers that try this hard to please the fans, so thank youTechland for both listening to me and others around.


  1. is it me or the zombie number in the city get less denser in this patch? i remember there is more zombies on the streets ij old patch

  2. I never liked those sloped edges of the buildings . They stop me unnecessarily . Instead make them flat or dnt let them have that slope .

  3. Can you kill all i do mean all the zombies on the street before night? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Am Δ± the only one who doesn't see a big change at the parkour?

  5. I mean it already had the best parkour out there, but with the last update Techland definitely delivered something beyond perfect.

  6. They updated the gritty filter so now it’s the same as the E3 version. Man, finally we get what we expected years agoπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  7. Might need to revisit DL2. Dont know why it gets all the hate. I love both DL1 and 2❀. Played thru 3 times but DL1 only 1 time tbh. My save kinea fucked

  8. Y'all should put headbub reduction to 0 looks like e3 2018 so much headbobbing

  9. the sound effects have been vastly improved

  10. If anyone says that this isnt the best dl2 update so far, then they are objectively wrong

  11. If you are a fan of the first game, make sure you at least try the new Harran (sunset?) color filter. It changes the environment/atmosphere dramatically.

  12. why does the game look so much better though?

  13. they should more of aiden interact voices with the environment like hell yeah , alriiiight , yeeeees
    and also add more tracks while doing parkour , i love the last parkour track btw

  14. We all know the Mirrors edge games are still the unrivaled kings of Park our games

  15. It's a superb killer game, loved the first series and this is so vast ❀

  16. Next thing would be to make the weapons actually cool and exciting. The weapon designs for this game are plain jane status

  17. I personally think mirrors edge catalyst still does it better. Say what you want about the games other elements, but that parkour was beautiful.

  18. What's your specs ? I have 3060 TI
    12400f cpu
    32gb ram 3600

    Can i run the game ultra +100 fps ?

  19. damn dude your parkour style is really good, like the bit where you slide under the railing and look up is awesome

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