Dying Light – Mision Bridge

Surely all of you see this video from 2015 onwards.
This video is a meme, see the comments.


  1. I wanna know how zombies climb towers.

  2. The bridge is the perfect early game farming location just be sure to have a Active safe zone near by because no chance of makeing it back to the tower before Nightfall

  3. I finished this game but I dıd not do this mıssıon what is this ?

  4. I was watching this when I was 8 and I wanted to buy this game sooo much that I just bought it 1 week later

  5. Que pedo el anuncio de free fire que me salio

  6. People with acrophibia: I'd rather die in the hands of zombie than heights.

  7. I remember when I was 12 when I had to search on YouTube this quest and on top of that I didn't know english at all…..Good memories.

  8. You played this mission during the day like a little baby and you have the audacity to ask for subs?

  9. I remember when I was small and watching this video in my mom's laptop was the first time I saw this game

  10. One of those games i dont play but love to watch

  11. I played that mission at night, it was scary and amazing. What a game!

  12. Way to unrealistic. The climbing, the huge jump and lack of wind on top of the bridge.

  13. I remember watching this 8-9 years ago….

  14. I'm not afraid of heights, but being that high up and jumping down made me stop breathing for a sec. 😂

  15. 2:49 dude when I hear that I’m gone straight away, scared me so much when I was a kid

  16. We all have seen this video back in the day

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  18. We need these uv bulbs from the bridge but some might be burnt out so you have to go at night when all the super turbo infected are out….my brother in crisis why not idk watch the bridge at night mark down the good ones and hoist the bulbs during the day….because if we did that the game would be boring


  20. Прыгнул в воду с такой высоты! Должен был ядро земли головой пробить. А так сцена классная

  21. So guys we did it, we've reached 250,000 subscribers.

  22. Are zombies really don't care that you walkin around them?

  23. As a person who is heavily afraid of heights, I hated this bridge with all my heart.

  24. 4:20 wheneve I watch the scene like this, it feels like someone folking my anus.

  25. worst thing is…. imagine at start of apocalypse , atleast at present they are slow , but the start every one will be virals and its scary

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