Dying Light – Mision Bridge

Surely all of you see this video from 2015 onwards.
This video is a meme, see the comments.


  1. I am 12 and i remember when i saw this when i was like 7 and i couldn't believe this was a game so i started searching everywhere but i couldn't find the game because i didn't even know the name of the game.

  2. The Soviet Community (Советское сообщество) says:

    This is Satisfying to watch and hear the sound of the parkouring

  3. The way you jumped into the water is awesome.

  4. человек паук выиграл -то есть

  5. А вы тоже мост утром проходите p.s.(эту мисию можно только ночью проходить)

  6. I see this video in the Olds times I having 5 of age and this made me a fan of call of duty

  7. amigo cuando saltó puse la música de kratos saltando y literal alto timing

  8. I'm having a hard time breathing while watching this

  9. Абдумалик Хакназаров says:

    The game is similar to Left 4 dead

  10. Пов: смотришь это видео и представляешь в голове чтоб ты делал в этой ситуации

  11. Que fea resolución para que fue desde consola

  12. Course, irl, that jump would kill, easily. But it's a game. And looks AMAZING.

  13. 내가 발로 해도 이거보단 잘하겠다

  14. С такой высоты он ввжел когда прыгнул в воду бред

  15. I remember wathing this like 5 years ago and it was prob my first video i watched from DL

  16. this is too nostalgic I watch this like when I'm just 8yo wow can't believe that I will see this vid again

  17. So guys, we did it. We reached a quarter of a million subscribers.

  18. Ooh my god look what i got , i saw this video when i was kid and then after watching this gameplay i buy a pc for playing this game and after 7 years i got this video again on my home page 😂

  19. 2:45 on my first walkthrough i was clearing those towers with a shotgun and lets just say i got a bit surprised by that exploding zombie

  20. I know this is over 7 years ago but to the new people who do this mission its best to do it at night so you can see which lights to grab

  21. He jumped frm that height and did not die at impact with the water? He must be superman.

  22. Not even a zombie apocalypse would stop this person from doing his job

  23. Im back after 7 years i finally see it agin

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