ESCAPING ANGRY MOM (Epic Parkour Chase in Paris)

I’m escaping my angry mom ! I was playing Among Us when she became mad at me… I had to run away but… She’s a parkour mom…
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⚠️ These stunts were made by professionals and in a controlled and secure environment. Not to be reproduced.


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  1. You could have avoided all of this and clean your room but I live your vuds

  2. I LOVE these type of videos they give me goosebumps sometimes but like-

  3. Me trying to do like this video
    My mom:*transform in minato

  4. Me:Is this even real if it was youll be spat

  5. Pov : arkadaşlarımın ensesine vurduktan sonra ben=

  6. It's important to take showers or bad because if you want to die well you're not your family and you don't want to talk take a bath or a shower

  7. the way he just teleports past the rail😊

  8. not me trying to read his discord tag at the beginning of the video

  9. "Escaping angry God" epic parkour chace

  10. The fact that when he jumped the color changed lol

  11. Bro let’s talk about when he jumped over the stairs the mom moaned



  13. Chills went down my spine when i saw his mom doing parkour manuvers and chasing him

  14. My mom always win ! What did you think of that epic chase ? Don't forget to leave a thumb up if you liked the video and be sure to subscribe to see the next epic chases !

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