Evolution of Parkour in Assassin’s Creed Games 2007-2014 (Part – 1) #Shorts


  1. Ac3 and unity had the best parkour. Change my mind

  2. Revelations no doubt has the best Parkour, it seems so much realistic, and then there's unity where Arno can easily cover a 30ft gap with a small jump 😂😂

  3. Don't make part 2 because there is no Parkour in it 🥲

  4. assassin's creed III best parkour mechanics

  5. You know, the parkour got really good, but then after origins they started to implement it less and less, it used to be one of the most dependent and main features of the game, but earlier I was playing one of the “newer 3” and I tried to jump on a platform that if I were in AC4 I would have made it, but it was more like a fall than a jump. I hope they bring it back to what it was of not better.

  6. Welp there can’t be a part 2 because after unity the decline in parkour is real lol

  7. Ac unity – I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  8. Hab alles bis Assassin's Creed 4 black flag durch gespielt 😃

    und in Assassin's Creed 4 black flag hab ich als erster das unmögliche möglich gemacht das legendäre Schiff mit dem Ramsporn ohne stahl verstärkten Schiffsrumpf besiegt

    Bin Mal gespannt wer es raus findet wie ich das gemacht hab😁

  9. Unity will always have the best parkour still my favorite AC game

  10. How, with more money and in later years, did the parkour become less realistic? Altaïr is the best parkour in terms of what would actually happen

  11. We need a true Assassin's Creed game with the satisfying parkour system of Unity, fluid combat system of III, and the compelling story of the Ezio Trilogy.

  12. If you could have an assassins creed in any period and any style that’s already come out, what would you pick?

    I’d have to pick feudal Japan w/ unity or syndicate gameplay.

  13. Ac 3 its because of this game i became a Wolf in real life

  14. Man, Rogue is so underrated. It's literally more of AC Black Flag on a slightly smaller scale, and BF is one of the best AC games if not the best

  15. He was trying to make a good transition but nobody saw it

  16. I havent liked any parkour after AC 4 black flag. They just look like the MC is floating smoothly.

  17. We all know Unity is the bast ac game in parkour

  18. I know that unity Parkour is the best but some jumps don't make any sense while the others do

  19. When you are too bad at parkour but still making videos

  20. And now I’m recent games the parkour is just non-existent and tripping over rocks lol. Such a downgrade in the regard ever since Origins.

  21. love how it doesn’t include any of the later games because they just don’t feel like assassins creed😂

  22. Unity parkour is great but it is a bit unrealistic compared to the earlier like ac 3

  23. Ngl unity is a good game but the parkour is a little bit like you are levitating

  24. AC3 was the foundation for tree-parkour…although AC2/Brotherhood had the best story in my opinion.

  25. What a waste of unity parkour video (

  26. Wtf is this video that’s not what the parkour is like in the early games u just did the most basic path. I promise u the parkour disparity is not the evolution you’re making it out to be

  27. Animations got better but the gameplay got worse

  28. The best parkour gameplay of All Assassins creed games is Assassins creed Unity

  29. Unity is my personal favorite. The combat looks satisfying when it works,the parkour has the most depth,a combination of style and substance,the stealth has the mosth options. I wish they took 1 or 2 more years to polish it and rewrite the mediocre at best story then it would be the undisputed champion,the old formula modernized to its max. Unfortunately we all know what moneygrabbers did by pushing it out early 🙁 ah what could have been . Still 10000 times better than the rpg crap we have today.

  30. I just love the transition of ac ll and ac brother hood

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