Evolution Of Parkour in Video Games(2012-2020) | Android | Best Parkour games!

This Video shows evolution of parkour android.

Note:This Comparison is just for entertainment.

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners, called tracers or traceurs, aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

risen dawn android:

parkour race:


parkour go:

smashing rush:

parkour extreme:

vector 2:


sky dancer run:

rogue agents:

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  1. I know vector when I was kid this game makes me laugh because vector aceddently hit his head😀

  2. I know vector when I was a kid I always laugh because vector always hit his head😀

  3. vector will always nice and awsome

  4. bruh play them properly especially vector jeez

  5. the last one really seeme it got inspired by free running

  6. I think vector is the best game ever and im seeing that when we get in new year the parkour games get worst who agree?

  7. Tetrun, Vector and Vector 2 is the best parkour games

  8. Rogue agents is like just parkour but actually its a shooting game.

  9. Why is he using some trash ass mobile games

  10. I think that Degradation of Parkour Video games for Android.

  11. It is degradation. Just three game's only is normal vector(all chapter) and Last game to the video. Other dont interested,dont more say about they. I am russian man, maybe fail to the english.

  12. Vector: dancing in the moon
    Me:Ayyyyyyy vector

  13. Rysen dawn is very very very cool and nice graphic

  14. Parkour race just dose not have audio (I think because it happened to me too)

  15. Rysen down's graphic is better than vector

  16. What happened to rogue agents
    I remember playing that game in 2019

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  18. Vector always gives me nostalgia… Still the one

  19. Vector, time crash, and velocity rush are my personal favorite. Vector is the best one.

    But whoever played the vector game in this video must learn how to play it correctly

  20. 2012/2016 for the way! Vector and the sequel is the peak of mobile parkour games

  21. Vector is the oldest one yet the best and most of the games had no effort put in or got rushed, ( except for vector 2 that ones good as well )

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