Exciting Parkour Action in VR – STRIDE Early Access

STRIDE came out in Early Access today. I’ve been looking forward to trying this for a while now. It’s a Mirror’s Edge inspired Parkour game. Let’s check it out!
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  1. See! Youtube knows. The true sequel to Mirror's Edge xDD

  2. About the "jump bug" it could be because your height isn't well calibrated and the game thinks you're crouched, happened to me in some other vr games in which the games thought i was still standing when i was crouching

  3. Watching this on the valve index is odd cause of the way grip works. You did really well.

  4. i can only play for a few mins before my lenses fog up crazy bad

  5. The game play looks cool but the art style is so overdone in VR.

  6. This is quite a step up from rec room parkour

  7. I've been playing 2+ hours, and haven't yet been stuck in the floor even once. Could it be a controller issue? I'm using Oculus/Facebook Touch (for now). I've read of people having trouble with Index controllers in particular.

  8. If they merged this with pistol whip/beat saber it would be absolutely awesome

  9. This looks like a cool game, thanks for introducing it, Ben!

  10. Don’t forget that this is just an alpha

  11. I keep watching this every day please tell me it’s coming on Quest

  12. They really need to fix that stuck in the ground thing , but the game looks epic!

  13. Imagine this game with haptic gloves and one of those vr treadmills

  14. It’s easier to climb ledges one handed

  15. Is YouTube actually listing Mirror's Edge for this game?

  16. this sounds slightly nauseating and like it'd get boring fast. but at the same time i'm tempted

  17. Stride has taken a seat among my vr titles to replay into oblivion. Currently it's just compound vr and stride though.

  18. Imagine if they had full body tracking on this

  19. It might not be mirrors edge but any parkour based game is good for me 😍

    Vr is a good touch!!

  20. You don't have to hold forward in order to move. All you have to do is move your arms. You keep fucking yourself everything you grip a ledge.

  21. Good vid, but holy fuck man reload your pistol

  22. I have actually been working on a VR game, being able to watch these video and get insight into what players like and dislike about current great games is very helpful in deciding which features I want to add, and which I want to avoid! I am just working on a simple puzzle game of sorts, but as I am including a character that can duck, climb, and move with the thumbstick it's nice to see what all the different genres are doing 🙂 Really enjoy your videos!

  23. 13 yr old me just vibin on a building:hmmm i wonder what i should do

  24. Who's here after Mr Beast reaction video?

  25. Can you only play in that vr not playstaison vr?

  26. Gruh even after I saw this 8months ago I forgot to comment bruh

  27. Him dodge the snipers
    Also him . Proceeds to kill them both

  28. did they remove it from the app? if they did are they adding it back?

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