Exciting Parkour Action in VR – STRIDE Early Access

STRIDE came out in Early Access today. I’ve been looking forward to trying this for a while now. It’s a Mirror’s Edge inspired Parkour game. Let’s check it out!
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  1. You should’ve done story mode first What do practice ball first so you can go hard but

  2. Hope this comes out in ps4

    Like if ur the same

  3. Seems like all the running would make you motion sick after a few minutes.

  4. Teacher:that parkour is perfect
    Me:nothing's perfect
    Teacher:are you talking back to me
    Me:yes thats how a conversation works
    Teacher:sends me to naughty chair
    Me:goes crazy on naughty chair
    My friends:look at this dude

  5. Ive been wanting a parkour vr game…this looks good

  6. When I saw "parkour" I was worried there wouldnt killing..

  7. This game looks extremely fun, I can only hope it doesnt get to sweaty as I trained parkour for 5 years and will play the shit out of this. Does anyone know if this game is heavy or pretty light on the CPU/Graphic-card?

  8. Like if they should add a Mirror's Edge-esque soundtrack. Then it would really be 10/10. would play all day, just bought and downloaded to support this. Anything for more taste of ME

  9. There were 9 ad segments in this video. What the hell.

  10. I was playing this earlier and I got 7th place on the scoreboard.

  11. the hands look really good in the game. idk why it stands out but it does

  12. vr is great till life throws an injury at you and you can't use your vr. but i can still play flat games. vr will have to get past that eventually

  13. Ben: STRIDE Early Access
    YouTube: You didn't specify a game? Let me fix that for you… Mirror's Edge

  14. It was great to watch someone else play this! GG

  15. So glad you covered this! It deserves all the attention it can get!

  16. Good video, will check this game out in about a month after I review dev logs and get my 3090,reminds me of playing dying light with my rift s and jumping from building while running for my life from zombies , good times

  17. Parkour is a very "ok" for me. When i try I have a lot of fun. But whenever I see other people do it, or if its high. I get totally done.

  18. Nice vid, strange…I haven't encountered the stuck in floor glitch..wonder if it's just an index thing (I'm on rift s )

  19. Parents: Videogames will make you lazy and fat

  20. Easy: okay i can do this
    Medium: triple wall slide, jumps, midair doublekill
    Hard: ????

  21. Lol I saw you on the leaderboards at one point it was like 250 something

  22. Seems like a really fun game but the floor glitch and the wall running being somewhat nondescript would really kill an Endless run for me. I've got my eye on this once they issue some bug fixes. You really sold me on this!

  23. Thats a shame, thought the levels were procedurally generated. Also there needs to be different routes you can take (some getting you there faster, others slowing you down) Edit, do see you can atleast go left or right.. Looks fun though.

  24. will definitely get when they iron out the bugs

  25. Got this as soon as it came out it’s a blast so far. I really hope the developers don’t just abandon this bc I would like to see different enemy types I could see the snipers getting boring.

  26. i was super hyped to the point where i wishlisted and followed the game on steam, when it released i didn't want it anymore but now after seeing the gameplay i just might buy it

  27. ꧁K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚e꧂⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    8:47 that apex style slide jump

  28. Btw when u get stuck like that you gotta grab the ground.

  29. im glad you read the tutorial and know how to actually dodge and jump unlike some.. other youtubers

  30. its look realy nice VR parkour game, some, story some nice textur and it will be perfect

  31. I can feel my stomach churning just from watching the video lol

  32. For me, the jump has been wonky as hell, sometimes it doesn’t even register that I’ve pressed the jump button, which in turn makes the game pretty busted and difficult for me.

  33. My katwalk c treadmill comes in october and i literally cannot wait to play this game

  34. For wall running, you have to be angled toward the wall (be facing a little bit towards it). Jumping up onto it sideways doesn't work, that's why you were having trouble with it sometimes.

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