Exposing FAKE Parkour Girl on Rooftops of Paris

You wouldn’t think that parkour could be faked, but I investigated this video and couldn’t believe what I found. This entire commercial of a lady running across the rooftops of Paris is fake! From the POV parkour to the girl in the dress, nothing about this video is real. Leave a comment for the shark fin squad!

Source video –
Removed it because you guys are being too mean in their comments! If you want to insult them or the video do it in THESE comments please where I can atleast keep an eye on it x

Trying out a new idea for this channel with a more personal, one to one style. We put this video idea up on the community tab and over 10k people wanted to see it, so if you enjoyed it and were surprised by what we discovered please leave a comment and a like!

If you want to see some REAL parkour follow these amazing female athletes!
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  1. he's literally the real parkour on Roblox girl no cap

  2. Excelente video, gracias por desenmascarar a estos pillos.

  3. 2:30 another way you can tell that’s fake is when she’s about to jump you can see she is on rooftops and the suddenly she’s on a tower that’s not possible

  4. POV: you hire an editor from Ebay

  5. She is no Parkour it's so creative mode

  6. My main gripe is that in the 3rd person shots she's not even wearing a Go Pro.

  7. Bro I'm honestly starting to think you're just a hater

  8. Bro and when she jumped off all the apartments she looked like she landed on her head or shall I say he🤔🤫

  9. What about the fcat that some of the shots are in third person. Some of the angles are being held by a camera man and then there's no camera man.

  10. after watching this I'm sure that human evolved from monkey

  11. She had a watch because it fell from a “yes” then when she fell the watch disappear

    Grammar wasn’t needed

  12. "Now, let's watch it in slow motion."
    Love that line.

  13. Its funny that how that girl doesnt even know how to run and tried to film a "parkour video"

  14. Actually I believe the shot where they jump out the window with the bread is not a gopro, but a keyframe in a visual effects program, the "string" looking thing is actually the camera path. Whatever it is, it's very poorly made

  15. girl imagine fake parkouring for likes and subs lol

  16. Someone explain to moron ads are not real.

  17. Did you literally go through someone’s house?!

  18. Are you trying to say a Go pro attached to a fucking string but to cover though the last part Up you said subscribe string

  19. I knew it was fake from the title. Everyone knows women can't parkour

  20. Thats easy
    Shes a woman, and you cant trust women these days….

  21. are we sure this wasn't done this bad on purpose? haha

  22. I dont think the problem is that it is fake.

    I think the problem is that they put the model in a sitation in which she was not trained to be in – running across rooftops.
    This, as said in the video, endangered her health.

    And I think the second problem is that they gave a job that could have been done by a woman (Who are underrepresented in the representations of parcour (i think)) to a man.

    So yup, it could have been a fun video, but it was full of bad video-editing etc., enforced discrimination in the world of parcour AND endangered the ankles of said model.


  23. I don't care if everything on youtube is true or not, the important thing is people's interference in the videos ok?!. And once again, I'm not cursing you or your video, it's really good by the way

  24. She clearly lives by the logic “don’t mistake bravery for stupidity” & got the desired views without the risk….I ain’t mad at her

  25. I thought parkour videos were real

    guess not

  26. I subbed bc you made wings for you GoPro. I could feel your dedication. Hats off to you sir. 👏

  27. Where is the GoPro on her head? In the B roll it looks like she has no band or any indication she has a GoPro on her.

  28. Okey ehm wtf, for sure this video is fake
    But that's Okey. Just see it as "entertainment"

  29. My soul always leaves my until I found out its fake specially the one they do on tip edges

  30. Trying to win some brownie points "they should have hired a girl". Really if you need to be told the advertisement is fake without knowing that you need to get off the web and have a life. Man there are plenty of fake videos of everything. SMH

  31. You're mad cause youre bad . ,And also a mysygonist

  32. Unfit girl. Not fit her body.
    Examole : her running steps😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. This seems to be revealing something that is so obvious it just didn't need revealing.

  34. 3 story straigth fall seem possible for a super healthy person(athlete)(if going down in a nearly straigth line)….but 4 story….they should have fractured bones from that heigth if not broken legs…additionnaly rolls wont mitigate fall dmg if perform in a straigth line….2 story height in a straight line got me permanent knees damage(although not broken) and it also wasn't on ground hard as concrete(landing was on earthen ground)…..

  35. hahah thats a cool show love the concept bro . Simon was not autorised to said anything about that stunt work frustrading also for him because it got viral as fuck hahahno advertise for him of the 3F. but no worry we are french we gonna dress like girls again promis XD.

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