Exposing FAKE Parkour Girl on Rooftops of Paris

You wouldn’t think that parkour could be faked, but I investigated this video and couldn’t believe what I found. This entire commercial of a lady running across the rooftops of Paris is fake! From the POV parkour to the girl in the dress, nothing about this video is real. Leave a comment for the shark fin squad!

Source video –
Removed it because you guys are being too mean in their comments! If you want to insult them or the video do it in THESE comments please where I can atleast keep an eye on it x

Trying out a new idea for this channel with a more personal, one to one style. We put this video idea up on the community tab and over 10k people wanted to see it, so if you enjoyed it and were surprised by what we discovered please leave a comment and a like!

If you want to see some REAL parkour follow these amazing female athletes!
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  1. Its just a advertising video they can fake it if the want ….if the video is about it by shark a surfer …do they need make it real? It just for advertising…fake stunned is not a big deal 🙄

  2. To me the worst is promoting suicidal activities like that. One mistake and you're dead, not scratched, not injured…..dead. You cannot possibly trust those buildings.

  3. I mean it's not a bad video, i think it's obvious that it's production

  4. when she jumped from the window it looked like she was about to land on her neck or something. upside down and tuck the head to roll. dive rolling from that height seems like suicide

  5. Tbh not even ballet dancers can jump that far, even on their good days

  6. Author stop eating coke. It is not fake. Ur paranoic.

  7. Author: too stupid to understand how it works.
    Author: 🤪🤪🤪it is fake.

  8. VFX editing app or pc software used by parkour fakers.

  9. What are you so miffed about? It's super obvious it's all staged and fake. It's not trying to convince anyone it's authentic. What's the problem? I guess you've gotta have something to complain about to bring in the clicks. Instead of appreciating it for the clever ingenuity and editing and effects that it is, you have to slag it off as if it's some sort of amateur crap. The go pro being tossed across gaps or dangerous gaps is clever. The editing and effects are great for the most part. The idea is not to watch the shit frame by frame and nitpick flaws. You can do the same thing with even the greatest Hollywood effects. There are always going to be signs that it's not real if you scrutinize it closely enough. You would be one of those people who plays The Matrix in slow mo and says "See! Morpheus didn't actually punch that stuntman and cut him with a katana!"

  10. So What! We have Parkour police now! They just wanted to make an advert. He will be criticising The Revenant next for not using a real Grizzly in the bear attack.

    It's different if the video was claiming to be an actual parkour video….but its a commercial.

  11. The thing is it wasn't meant to be a parkour video. It was an ad. There is literally no "parkour" in either the video title or description on youtube. I guess they didn't realize how literal ppl might take it, and maybe should have indicated. But it was just an ad.

    original youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGa8IKuDHTo

  12. The editor is not good in editing

  13. waw, are u serious?!?!?! are people FAKE on toutube/internet????? what a surprise, ******. if u didten know this already, u been living on the fucking moon for the pat 30 years!!! PEOPLE WILL DO ENYTHING FOR FAME!!!! lie, steall, cheat, kill, it dont matter all that matters today is getting ur face/nane out there, os u can get that $$$!!!

  14. ♧ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴋᴏᴏᴋᴛᴀᴇ♧ says:

    Girl : starts jumping and running on rooftops in Paris
    Me: …..Ladyubug?👁👄👁

  15. The one thing that i am truly against in this vid is the drop and roll on hard floor from 2nd floor… as a fake it could taunt some people to try it for reals and… yeah they could die from that false expectation

  16. While "100 feet is considered a "non-survivable" injury " i do agree thiss video is fake… and fake methodologies shouldn't be propagated in such a dangerous sport

  17. Parkour girl is so fake, she take a massive fall to the ground but she feels no pain

  18. technically ffalling down 4 stories is possible but what isn't humanly possible is surviving it

  19. This girl running on roof like captain jack sparrow from pirates of the carribean got me cringing so hard for some reason for the real parkour athletes out there that carry themselves so swiftly. Her running like that gave me anxiety the whole while.

  20. But it don't mean that girl can't do parkour

  21. You completely missed the goal of the video that is obviously artistic and not supposed to be realistic. Get yourself some art radar bro 😂

  22. نصيحة مهمة : – لكل من يضع صورة فتاة في الافتار ، وينشر صور النساء في حسابه ، او ينشر الاغاني والموسيقى … أولاً / أسأل نفسك هل حسابك يرضي ﷲ ؟. ثانياً / اعلم انك ستحمل ذنوب جميع من يشاهدون صور النساء في حسابك “ افتار “ وغيره وستحمل ذنوب كل من يستمع للموسيقى التي نشرتها … ثالثاً / هل ترى ان مجرد صورة بنت تضعها في الافتار او اغنية تنشرها تستحق أن تتعذب في قبرك من أجلها؟ هل سينفعوك المتابعين في قبرك؟ ستحشر وحدك ولن تستطيع حذف تلك الصور والمقاطع ،، فبادر من الآن قبل فوات الأوان … “ والله ما أتفه متعة الذنوب عندما ننظر إلى العواقب .. “

  23. Department of Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs - NWPG says:

    Nickpro will show you real parkour

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