Exposing FAKE Parkour Girl on Rooftops of Paris

You wouldn’t think that parkour could be faked, but I investigated this video and couldn’t believe what I found. This entire commercial of a lady running across the rooftops of Paris is fake! From the POV parkour to the girl in the dress, nothing about this video is real. Leave a comment for the shark fin squad!

Source video –
Removed it because you guys are being too mean in their comments! If you want to insult them or the video do it in THESE comments please where I can atleast keep an eye on it x

Trying out a new idea for this channel with a more personal, one to one style. We put this video idea up on the community tab and over 10k people wanted to see it, so if you enjoyed it and were surprised by what we discovered please leave a comment and a like!

If you want to see some REAL parkour follow these amazing female athletes!
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  1. What u expect from a French girl .they are the best fakers in the world

  2. This is a good analysis, but at the end of the day the original film was an advert so what do you expect?

  3. wow its fake omg bro its parkour no one cares

  4. Eh, the girls are okay, but no Simon, when hiring people, they want the best of the best, and none of the females in parkour are on his level, not even top 10.

  5. Of course it’s fake. Women rarely do parkour. Especially clumsy women in flower dresses.

  6. Getting so serious over a advert ? It's like trying to say Star Wars is real 🤣

  7. Sos como el mago que revelaba los secretos de todos los trucos de magia! un garca de los que no hay!


  9. I wonder about her running style. look at her skill in running. she's running like 10 years girl. her hands in the air and completely terrified of running on the roof. how this person can parkour like this and jump like Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) ?????? and even she hasn't a camera on herself.

  10. I don't want to sound like professional pooper but, are you sure that you're hacking up a legitimate serious parkour video – I doubt that there are any sane humans on this earth that take these videos seriously, it must be comedy.

  11. when She does the frontflip in the kitchen you can notice that she weirdly stops in the air

  12. It’s usually a show 💀 she puts on a video like yes it’s for content if you have to make a video saying it’s fake then ur just view grabbing it’s just for content that’s why the video was made

  13. They could've hire the parkour girls, but maybe they are not pretty like this model.

  14. It’s all good Simon identified as a women for the couple hours it took to make the shot.

  15. She can barely stand on two feet properly better yet run.

  16. It's not fake, it's authentic parkour… of unstarred stars

  17. Does this mean that the Hardcore Henry video was fake as well? My mind is blown.. seriously though, who would think this video is real?

  18. Its a commercial. If someone posted it as a live or real parkour then I think it would be different. Commercials have actors in them.

  19. This give me stampy vibes by your voice. It just bring me joy since he was my childhood

  20. Don't even have to watch the video. See her running with her hands over her head and that tells the whole story. Probably her first time running in her life.

  21. After you show why it’s fake frame by frame please make sure to show the sequence at normal speed so we can use the knowledge you just gave us to spot the oddities ourselves. Thanks and great vid

  22. It's an advertisement… I'm sure they would straight up tell you that it's not real.

  23. It's sad that you done a video on an obviously fake video, Why can't you just praise the video for what it is great editing! and then there's sad little men like you that has to talk down on it.

    We need less men like you, weak men make hard men so a suppose time will even it out "hopefully".

  24. LOVE this calling out of the FAKERS! And you are absolutely correct in saying that they should have used a FEMALE athlete instead of using a male and faking the rest.

  25. after the kitchen scene you will notice her hands is a mans hands haha

  26. 1:10 There's something weird here too. Something off.
    The red curtains in the background right seems to change, some frames are missing, "her" left arm seems off, and bottom left on the windowframe there seems to be a cat? They are agile, but no cat would sit on a small window frame if it's 15m above ground with apparently nowhere else to go to
    The string along the chimney in the back also seem to be distorted after the missing frames but I'm not sure.

  27. Those videos are made for entertainment purpose not for giving Tutorial. So calm your ass down.

  28. Looks like a great work of art, imperfections included…

  29. I lost it when he said "this does my nuts" 🤣

  30. The only POV Shots of her being real won't be find on youtube 😀

  31. Me as a tech artist working on games and films, makes sense.

  32. Easiest check is september of the black colors

    Her dress is deeper black then the rest of the vid

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