Faith VS Ezio VS Prince of Persia: Parkour Game Mash-Up!

What happens when Faith finds herself pursued by two other parkour video game legends?


Hikari Izumi as Faith (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst)
Dustin Breiter as Ezio (Assassin’s Creed)
Patrick Koocheradis as Prince (Prince of Persia)
Lexington Vanderberg as the voice of Faith

Richard Duryea
Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes

James Loomis
Andrew Hoffman
Toshinobu Kakoi

Shoutout to the Hollywood Guerrilla Film Club members for helping bring people together!


  1. worst compilation do u think faith has any chance of combat like dastan or counter skills like beloved ezio its rot

  2. People saying Enzio would win. Do you guys know what the prince is capable of?

  3. 3:52 "that doesnt make anysense"

    i was saying that all the time when i played mirror's edge

  4. Her overrall strategy was good. Run, one hit or two, and run. That's the game on what she excels. But in the end, engaging those 2 guys on direct combat was a horrible idea, she would get owned imediately by any of those 2 and then would be between the assassin and the prince. She should do the big jump in the first place that was a less suicidal idea.

  5. The three of you were awesome and the camera skills were kicking. Excellent video! 😃

  6. Dudes haven't you played all the games we obviously know who will win,this is so dumb.

  7. Okay still love watching this but the prince would of won first he is a better fighter then any of them second he has the sands of time also he has killed a Godlike being known as the dahaka so yeah faith would not of won that

  8. Нельзя было допрыгнуть ребята это всё пиздеш

  9. Ezio is far better than dastan and the girl!!!

  10. That was really close but i guess she is a he get it faith is lady boy

  11. The prince can slow time rewind it and do many things so none of them have a chance against the prince he is a trained fighter and a ruthless killer he has escaped death multiple times and fought the Dhaka a un killable creature in Persian mythology

  12. I believe the prince would win this. He is way better in parkour than any of them, he is a very skilled fighter who is good in breaking people's defense and can literally control time itself. Ezio is good in parkour and a great fighter but his fighting techniques wont work on the prince because ezio fights on the defensive by waiting for his enemies to strike first then counter, but the prince can break anyones defense, vault over ezio and can slow down time so ezio is going to lose. Faith is definitely not going to even stand a chance

  13. "that doesn't make any sense"
    Dude literally got a "dash " ability to cover longer distances mid air

  14. Prince and Ezio, both r brothers, both belong to ubisoft, but they both wouldn't ever beat faith, 1st no. Is of Faith, 2nd Prince and 3rd Ezio

  15. Somehow this literally has better combat choreography and camerawork than the official assassin's creed movie.

  16. Lmao if they were real there's no way Faith could defeat Ezio XD

  17. I wish this was a game 😂 it would be so amazing

  18. The first thing Ezio would say is 'madonnaa🤌🏻

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