Faith VS Ezio VS Prince of Persia: Parkour Game Mash-Up!

What happens when Faith finds herself pursued by two other parkour video game legends?


Hikari Izumi as Faith (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst)
Dustin Breiter as Ezio (Assassin’s Creed)
Patrick Koocheradis as Prince (Prince of Persia)
Lexington Vanderberg as the voice of Faith

Richard Duryea
Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes

James Loomis
Andrew Hoffman
Toshinobu Kakoi

Shoutout to the Hollywood Guerrilla Film Club members for helping bring people together!


  1. Well-made but Prince of Persia should have gotten it. He has the best fighting skills (much better than a girl lmao) and the Sands of Time. He could control time :/.

  2. me and friend have the same skin im faith he is ezio

  3. unrealistic ezio woud've chased and killed them both right away

  4. great job with Faith and her camera but…mmm.. the fights re not realistic. I can''t belive that Altair or Dastan re bad fighters. Faith is a good fighter but….aisss no no…the problem in this video re the fights. Sorry 4 my english.

    buen trabajo con faith y su camara pero esq las peleas no son creibles sabes? en los tres juegos son buenos y agiles luchadores no puede ser q ella x muy buena q sea los venza cn tanta facilidad y esq no se… pero me gustó la ropa y el efecto de cámara.

  5. like only for Faith, the prince and Ezzio omfg ezzio doesn't know how to run and the prince….i better stop lol

  6. Ezio would win easily in real life. He's old and has experience. But I like how they made it. It was a pretty cool video.

  7. Did the actor really make that jump? Oh wait you can here the guy say and cut

  8. Ezio is really handsome. great video.

  9. great video, found the end funny. I think it would be even better if it was longer though but still it was great I loved it so yeah ;D

  10. this was good, i like these types of crossover thingy ma jigs 😀

  11. Hated how it ended plus the prince of persia ezio and faith traveled to our earth from theirs so the frequency of that earth and universe is different from ours so the prince cant use his time powers ezio is the same he cant use eagle vision though and since faith is trash and cant fight she shouldve been killed by ezio and/or the prince look up the multiverse theory or just watch the flash cw.

  12. Yes, go Faith, she's from the better game, at least the first one.

  13. Ezio's like "That's like 50 feet…yeah No. Fuck this shit, she can HAVE it. I'm not jumping 50 feet with THIS moron tailing me…"

  14. Faith wouldn’t have fought off ezio he got reflex and speeds like bammmm

  15. They made a legend look idiot I love Ezio and they just made fun of him I will ** them

  16. I like mirrors edge and everything,but i definetely think ezio would of kicked faiths ass

  17. first of all, this would never even actually happen. All 3 of them are from different time periods.
    Faith is from sometime after 2012.
    Ezio is from 1459 – 1524
    Dastan is from around 330 – 550 BC

    Faith wouldn't win. She isn't meant to be a fighter, she's just a runner. Her fighting experience was just to knock a couple people out, plus she hasn't been doing it for very long.

    Dastan would have a very good chance to win this fight, being an experienced fighter and killer, along with having the sands of time. He could literally control time itself.

    I didn't like how much of a little bitch Ezio was in this fight. He is a trained fighter and killer, his literal profession is killing. He has a lot of experience, being an assassin from 1476 to sometime around 1520. He also had the capability to catch faith, as he is said to have been the fastest of all the assassin creed protagonists. He even had the freaking hidden blade with him, and he is an expert in fighting with it, a master even. He didn't become mentor of the assassins for nothing.

  18. I love Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed.
    But I think Ezio would able to win easily.
    But of cuz Faith's parkour is awesome.

  19. Prince is more experienced in combat, etzio rellies on stealth more than him, so in a fight the prince is an obvious victor.

  20. ezio will win becuase he a good fighter and faith dosent fight that much in mirrors edge only always parkour away but assassins just attack

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