Faith VS Ezio VS Prince of Persia: Parkour Game Mash-Up!

What happens when Faith finds herself pursued by two other parkour video game legends?


Hikari Izumi as Faith (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst)
Dustin Breiter as Ezio (Assassin’s Creed)
Patrick Koocheradis as Prince (Prince of Persia)
Lexington Vanderberg as the voice of Faith

Richard Duryea
Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes

James Loomis
Andrew Hoffman
Toshinobu Kakoi

Shoutout to the Hollywood Guerrilla Film Club members for helping bring people together!


  1. faith easy win….cause has better parkour than the others….considering the chase in real world

  2. It's funny that the king of blades (prince of Persia) didn't even had any small knife lol 😂

  3. Hello everyone,

    Writer/Director Richard here. If you have any questions about how we made this I'd be glad to answer them.

  4. why ezio you had the blade and parkour WHY!!!!!!!!!

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