Fall and Jump – parkour game ver.2

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  1. Yo pls make this a ragdoll sandbox plssssss I’m begging you I need more ragdoll games on ios 😭

  2. Please fix it cus it said fail create. I create the epic account. I named the host thing.

  3. I get so nervous how do you shoot? Any word from SandBox?

  4. I like the game but the game is way too laggy please fix it

  5. can you add gore like the game project hexane pls

  6. Please bro make this game like manta box pleaseee

  7. Make This game a ragdoll sandbox game please (:

  8. @SweetWarriorGamer , да я с тобой согласен Yes I agree with you

  9. I don't know how to do online do a tutorial pls

  10. Can you please add support for android 4.4.2😞🙏

  11. Add a falling map or something please! Like in Worst World

  12. The best ragdoll game on mobile i hope you add car and wlan multiplayer

  13. Adding guns and gore and blood spray and AI is gonna make the game 10× more fun

  14. They should make this game a sandbox game

  15. Fix ur bug I put in my email and password and name and I register and it doesn't work fix it pls it's not fair

  16. Hey i hace a question, the Game don't Open in My Android WHY?

  17. Pleasee add gun and offline deathmatch with bot pleaseee!!

  18. Ok prova ad togliere alcuni bug ok ne ho abbastanza con il bag di volare poi parte la canzone volare volo cantare

  19. When I pressplay it kicks me out of the app

  20. Add offline multiplayer and free roam map pls 😸😸😸

  21. This game has no malware, right?

    There are a lot of ads so I am just concerned.

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