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Using her newfound magical abilities, Frey is able to nimbly traverse the treacherous terrain of Athia and explore her strange new surroundings. This Magic Parkour also comes in handy when she comes toe-to-toe with the multitude of enemies lurking in the corrupted landscape of the Break. Hit the ground running in this overview of the Magic Parkour system in Forspoken.

Forspoken arrives January 24, 2023. May contain content inappropriate for children.

Visit for rating information.

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  1. SHES GOOFYYYY!! (the skate stance not the adjective)

  2. Gonna wait for review, then i'll buy this game for sure

  3. "Magic Parkour" is still better than "Mystical Leap"

  4. Why always the best graphic game from consoles, i'm from pc gamers

  5. Please release such games on pc as well. Even till this day we don't have 'Infamous' game for pc.

  6. Just make sure your working on the games polish and features . That’s all.

  7. It looks like an awesome game, but the choice to customize the characters nails is a bit weird IMO

  8. Square Enix, Amy Hennig..please revive/remake Legacy of Kain!

  9. You guys are hyping this game up like CRAZY. We need a deep dive on things to do in this open world and combat. Y’all see some dash and double jumps/grapples and LOSE it.


  10. This game is weird af and makes absolute no sense 🤣

  11. Game looks blank. I hope the focus isn't just about traversal.

  12. This is the only game that looks next gen. Look at the movement and fluidity. Graphics is gonna be astonishing. Evil west is definitely impressive visually and the responses seem clean. Calypso Protocol is also a big interest.

  13. I cant believe the studio that created characters like aranea highwind would create one of most boring looking main characters ever

  14. Square enix's luminous games are all style over substance.

  15. Hard to see a world as magical when most of it has a boring realistic style.

  16. Reminds me to traversal system in The Pathless. Awesome little game.

  17. ohh in gonna go "WEEEeeeEeeEeeEEE" on this one….

  18. I dream of the day you can walk in a store and just buy a PS5…at this rate, I will just wait for the PS5 pro.

  19. This game will be awesome on PC

  20. I did pre-order this, but i still have my reservations.

  21. looks fun mix traversal moves both in and out of combat. I am concerned at the amount of motion blur lol

  22. This seems to become annoying very quickly. These sounds every single time you jump…jeez. Obnoxious

  23. Well, im still not convinced and still not interested. I will wait until the release and see …

  24. Esse jogo é graficamente mais feio do que um Indie genérico de 2015 pra ps4

  25. Man I almost forgot about this game. I hope it actually makes it to release. We don't get enough games with leading women of color. I can't wait to play this.

  26. One of their best trailers yet. Magical parkour, as silly as it sounds, seems awesome 😆 Color me interested!

  27. Was it just me or was the music audio quality really bad in this video? The free-flowing movement looks cool though

  28. Despite having all of this Frey can't overcome her greatest enemy of all, socio-economic factors.

  29. That's nice but there's more to games than just parkour.

  30. They've just added particle effects to normal running and called them skills …

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