Freerunning Gamepass Review + Run | Roblox Parkour

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EPIC VIDEO!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!

Music : Gucci louis rap beat 2

Istg if i get another comment “music?” before they check the description i will commit very incriminating acts


  1. I was going to buy it but I saw that the animations are almost fluid and very simple

  2. I thought this was an old video cuz I been watching too many old video now my brain hurts

  3. Will hudzell add freerun buttonw to mo bile?

  4. Pretty useless and ultra useless on mobile (for now) it even more useless than the emote pack it only better than the bubble chat which it forking useless when people start using space-ish skybox it too blend

  5. Bro i can roll in roblox parkour mobile just slide and press charge idk how i find that just spam i think lol btw no free run gamepass free

  6. Nice video! now I know if i should buy the gamepass!!! thanks so much

  7. You're gonna get big one day bro!!! Nice video!!!!!!!

  8. Cmon dude make 3 d person my eyes so broken dud i will dislike 😡

  9. Good thing u turn off camera settings when u spin flip

  10. Emotional dmg
    i forgor i have not muich bobux about the frontflipo and backflip

  11. This is the most expensive useless pass ive ever seen on roblox


  13. On parkour 650 modded it is free also all gamepass is free

  14. Puedes aser un vídeo Pero Usando el Free running en móvil?

  15. if u wanna roll without freerunning gamepass then u can press shift followed by a ctrl(charge)

  16. Does freerunn affect gameplay? ( Give me more points if I do it, etc)

  17. Whats the music because the name in the description is wrong

  18. There is another secret animation, you need to precise land roll and then monkey vault in a prop, It will be like the spin Flip but on the ground

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