Ghostrunner – Brutal Body-Slicing Cyber-Ninja Parkour Action Game Set in a Huge Cyberpunk Tower City

Ghostrunner – Brutal Body-Slicing Cyber-Ninja Parkour Action Game Set in a Massive Cyberpunk Tower City
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  1. Game looks awesome and fun, I can't wait to play it. They also have a great OST so far, in the starting mission you can hear Daniel Deluxe – Infiltrator. Great stuff!!

  2. DAMN! This games' graphics are phenomenal! Absolutely beautiful! Just the huge open spaces around 4:00 are stunning.
    And an interesting storyline, so far! Now I'm really impressed. Something's gotta be wrong.

  3. I preordered, I'm so excited for the release!

  4. everything looks incredible. but parkour elements and very very low enemy density make this game bloody crash bandicoot is wasted project for me.
    now my eyes on shadow warrior 3

  5. I hope this will be available for switch
    Edit: nvm lol it's coming on 28th october

  6. God this game is so much fucking fun. I've played the demo for hours just trying to beat it as fast as possible.

    Also that Daniel Deluxe OST is absolutely perfect for the setting.

  7. I hope this game is going where I think it's going.

  8. This reminds me of the manga Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei. It also has these giant industrial "mega structure" environments that often seem nonsensical when compared to real life factories or warehouses.

  9. Is that David Hayter's voice as the ghost runner?

  10. congrats, you made a mirrors edge clone. how incredibly underwhelming.

  11. Holy crap… After 1m of the video I knew I wanted this. Looks amazing!

  12. Buy this instead of that cringe fest Cyberpunk 2077. You'll be putting your money to much better use and saving a lot too

  13. kinda seems like titanfall ninja power fantasy to me

  14. i love the cyberpunk/cybercity and synthwave but its basically mirrors edge and i didnt like that shame hope there will be more cybercity/punk games

  15. if this was like mirrors edge meets cyberpunk, id be down with it.

  16. This game looks phenomenal. This is what I call a real cyberpunk art style. GODLIKE.

  17. Oh man… the speedrunning of this game is gonna be so sick.

  18. They should up the running speed a bit, stuff looks great otherwise

  19. This is literally dishonored with a cyberpunk skin.

  20. the speed buff you get just by holding a blade, reality = pant pant pant

  21. Showing my age… can this be obtainednon xbox1 this is AWESOME

  22. if they put in more mechanics for combat and traversal it will be fun, concerend though, with the high speed I got through the first 2 levels in around 10 min so they'll have to build quiet a lot

  23. great game, everything is perfect, except the weird finicky animations and some strange sound effects

  24. Looks cool but that AI Cybervoid shit was lame as hell. Super boring.

  25. excellent game but my only complaint is the parkour looks too linear and boring. they should spice it up and make it harder aswell as adding more routes

  26. looks cool but the camera feels like its way too zoomed in

  27. good idea, good graphics and animation….but totally irrealistic architecture make the game a 3d platform and the story a mere pretext to hanging around and solving platform puzzles.

  28. Absolutely stunning all around! Shocked that this is an indie title!

  29. at one point of all these trailers i thought it was actualy cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.. did not dissapoint!

  30. Looks a lot like area 18 in Star Citizen … pretty cool .

  31. I started playing this and boy it's actually challenging and fun at the same time. The gameplay feature is what makes this game intriguing

  32. Esto es el resultado de: Príncipe de Persia + BulletStorm +Mass Effect + CyberPunk 2077 😋

  33. A nice game, although it'd be nice to play in third-person view so you can actually see your character.

  34. I love hoe the Chinese govt just lets cyberpunk games like this one or F.I.S.T slide under the radar of censorship, not realising they're just metaphors for their politics.

  35. 6:53 calls himself ARCHITECT
    designs shitty winding time wasting pathways

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