Ghostrunner – Brutal Body-Slicing Cyber-Ninja Parkour Action Game Set in a Huge Cyberpunk Tower City

Ghostrunner – Brutal Body-Slicing Cyber-Ninja Parkour Action Game Set in a Massive Cyberpunk Tower City
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  1. Mara took over the tower of Dharma. Real subtle.

  2. honestly i love the way you start gaining momentum and slash bad guys in half along the way, not that big of a fan of the cyberlevel since it seems to slow the game down, maybe if it had more radical platforming i'd be more fun!

  3. This is great, I'm looking forward to play this game in the future,

  4. This is a cyberpunk "A Story About My Uncle". I like it.

  5. My potato laptop gently weeps knowing it lacks the horsepower to even play it in the lowest setting

  6. The little sword flip cracks me up everytime lol like whyyy xD. I'm just picturing it in the third person


  8. I've seen enough fiction to know that the blue face is actually the villain. Just like atlas in bioshock

  9. I bet the plot is generic predictable that the AI is also evil. But this game looks AWESOME gameplay and visual wise.

  10. 3D Realms again with top quality First Person games. Love it.

  11. Warframey, for sure…but cutting down on the mechanics does let you focus on some of the cooler ones. I also know WF has bloated a lot since I last played it.

    Also, Warframe story has been ugh ever since it went from optimally weeby to 110% weeaboo (which came after my time). So plenty of room for this little beastie.

  12. Lol, can't wait to see someone try to get a no kill run of this

  13. Проверка системы. Система пахнет картошкой. Отменить операцию, отменить операцию! Мы в Беларуси! Повторяю, ОТМЭНИТЬ АПЭРАЦЭЮ.

  14. Aww man, I wanted to play the beta for that game so bad! But the game studio only sent me wallpapers via email. Bummer 😒

  15. I don´t like this kind of gameplay, but anyway, the work is impressive.

  16. Damn! How do they make these particle effects in game?! I need to learn that

  17. Nobody can track this ghostrunner… Unless you follow the bodies.

  18. Now why do I get the feeling Architect isn't being entirely on the level with his story…

  19. fov is killing me, but other than that, this game looks INSANE, i dont know how i have never heard of this before

  20. So lemme get this straight, Mara went all Doc Oc on the Architect because she wanted to rule the world?

  21. This game is an oddity. Top-flight visuals, but kinda boring gameplay from the look of it. Hopefully they work on that before release.

  22. I, with my toaster, want to know what kind of next-gen monster computer you have that you're able to run these graphically-intense games so smoothly at max setting.

  23. 2:53 That Daniel Deluxe logo. Bet he made some of the music in this game, at least.

  24. The year is 20XX, you got business to settle against military dudes with railguns the size of a rifle, capable of spitting bullets at 10 times the speed of sound without a a quarter of a millisecond to spare. That or energy-based firearms that could melt steel effortlessly.

    Your choice of armament? A long sharpened Japanese shiv.
    But at least you have the style and aesthetics.

  25. Me: does not look brutal People: to brutal

  26. This legit looks better than some “promising” AAA titles

  27. A solid 5/10 for me, based on the demo I played. Doubt much is going to change in the 3 weeks or so before the full release. I think it'd have to be made with an AAA budget or a dedicated team with a concrete concept in mind to fit my admittedly strict standards. Some features I would have liked include the following: 1. Superhot-esque time stop when you are not moving, making the game more strategic rather than making the player rely on spontaneous reaction; 2. Allow the player to deflect bullets, or better yet, reflect them back to the shooter; 3. Larger groups of enemies and a higher variety of them, but allow the player to same more than one hit from the weaker ones to compensate. 4. A ranged attack in the form of an electric blast that would stun your enemy for a few seconds, allowing you to move in for the kill easier or to disable a distant sniper before you get to cover. 5. The swordplay is primitive. Something like Blade Mode from MGR (or just the time stop mentioned earlier) and locational weak spots for enemies would work wonders in improving the game. I suspect the last feature actually has a decent chance at appearing in the full game in some form, but by itself and only on certain mini-boss type enemies it would not make much of a difference.

  28. but why did i already have the beat playing in my head before i clicked on this video?

  29. I don’t know if it was in the previous build of the game, but in the first chapter you can find Genji’s (overwatch) dragonblade sticking out of one of the burning canisters.

  30. I hope it will be free in the full release I'll be waiting

  31. Wow the visuals are stunning! This is definitely something I could see myself playing in the future and really enjoying! Thanks ABG

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