Gorilla Tag Pro Plays Parkour Game | Stride VR

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“Gorilla Tag Pro Plays Parkour Game | Stride VR”
In this video I play a different game, ikr weird. But this game is called stride vr, which is actually not to different from gorilla tag vr, I found a way to do some of the same mechanics which came in handy later on in the video. Hope you enjoy this video made by VMT on the valve index but can also be played on oculus quest 2
Music –
Darix Togni Digi GAlessio – Vanoss Gaming Background Music (HD)

Matafaka – Unkown Brain Feat. Marvine Divine

Cinema Sins Background Song (Clowning Around) – Background Music (HD)

Momo Do by The Mini Vandals featuring Mamadou Koita and Lasso

SPIDER-MAN: No Way Home Teaser Trailer by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Hello Peter

HardWired by MDStockSound

Divertissement Pizzicato (Kevin Macleod) – Background Music (HD)

Gaiety in the Golden Age (Aaron Kenny) – Comedy Background Music (HD)

Cyberpunk Computer Game Music by Infraction [No Copyright Music] Dizziness

Wii Shop Channel – Background Music (HD) (background music)

Just Can’t Reach You – Ellis Hadlock (sad piano music)

Faster by O.OnTheBeat

Yeat X Rage Type Beat A.OontheBeat – Blood Rain (Feat. Iohao Erikhilmann)


  1. vmt a whole lobby in gorilla tag thought i was you so i went along with it and it was hillarious, your fans are so funny

  2. Brooo I love this music 2:14 it’s like the boneworks house of monogon theme or the boneworks hand gun trial

  3. Is stride fr on pc or oculus store

  4. VMT I love your videos they are so good and I really hope that you keep on going so keep up the good work

  5. VMT,know I know that you and jmancurly are good at the game now hear me straight I want to 1v1 jmancurly and you VMT know I’m not sure if you want to do this respond and tell jman that there was a comment to 1v1 tell me the code

  6. Vrm did u just play with me and my pedo freind and green boi

  7. i love how hes trying to play it like its gorilla tag

  8. 2 weeks ago this man uploaded 50k now he’s at 70k and is growing quicker than jman

  9. i've watched 6.42857142857% of your channel i think

  10. They added multiplayer so there is tag and king of the hill!

  11. If you like this comment you watch vmt

  12. i learned how to play stride super fast but you are so slow xd xd

  13. As some one who Plays Stride almost daily Watching the begineing part (from the start all the way to the 4:40 mark) was the Painful part

  14. Commenting on every video and liking every video 66

  15. I played. Was fun. I loved it. 8249841983018301830183/10 experience. As fun as gorilla tag. Would recommend.

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