Gotham Knights Co Op Gameplay On PS5 At Max Level (Gotham Knights Gameplay PS5)

Gotham Knights Co Op Gameplay (Gotham Knights Gameplay – gotham knights PS5)
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  1. Will they be up to 60 soon? It needs to be!

  2. Are you able to get every skill in the game?

  3. Everyone crying about 60fps… Who cares!

  4. Game isn’t even out yet and already dead

  5. Is there a transmog? And are you playing on console or pc

  6. The suits look amazing. These suits should make their way to the actual comics

  7. Are you able to use the cape when you unlock it on outfits for other characters, like ik robin (obviously it's in the video) can unlock a cape on certain suits, can you use a cape instead of the teleporting? I don't like the weird traversals

  8. Can you inspect other players gear they have equipped?

  9. I truly don't understand why people don't like this game. I've been playing early access and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
    I can't wait to make epic content on this game too.

  10. honestly don’t know what reviewers are talking about this looks cool

  11. Can you jump off buildings and glide like Batman?

  12. Hello @JorRaptor

    First of all – thank you for your content!
    I have an important question.

    The question concerns blueprints for suits –

    Let's say I like a certain costume. I got a blueprint and crafted it at level 9 for example. Is it possible to recraft it later at level 20? So that the same suit remains main and with the ability to modify its parts?

    If I don't want to use a transmog, but rather use a certain costume to the end but with increased stats – is it possible?
    Or is it inevitable? Maybe it's worth holding the blueprint with favorite suit and craft it at the high levels? Or does each costume have its own level and it doesn't matter when you craft it?

    I would be grateful for an answer! Thanks in advance!

  13. Anyone know if the deluxe edition content can be obtained for free? Or just on that edition

  14. can you play the whole campaign in coop with the same person that will play ONLY with you?

  15. does playing on hard or on a lower difficulty effect the amount of xp gained?

  16. Did they kill off Batman? Hope they release some single player dlc chapters for Batman and Robin and the rest of the bat family so much they could do also bring jim back to please

  17. I really wish assassins creed had coop like this… it would be perfect.. we need co op AC

  18. Is it just 2 player co-op or 4 if you have enough players?

  19. Is the whole story able to be played in multiplayer?

  20. i know for one thing, i will be fast travel farming first thing😂

  21. Let’s be honest, the game isn’t good. To say this game is good is to lie to yourself. There is zero weight or response to anything you do in game. The combat is too loose, the hits don’t register with you. It’s a button masher. There are interactive decisions that are dumb. Some things you can vault over, some you can’t. It’s not a smooth experience, it’s janky as hell. The dialogue & line delivery isn’t well done. This game is an all around fail. Nothing redeemable about it.

  22. Quick question, how is co op balanced compared to single player? Are enemies stronger in co op or are there more of them?

  23. Downloading now can't wait to play

  24. New Game Plus will actually add 10 levels to the level cap…

  25. Do the costumes change in the main menu based on what you have equipped because I would love to see it with the night watch skins on in the menu

  26. I'm sorry for the price tag and to release a game on next gen and its not even 60fps. This is bad, skyrim sooo many years ago on ps3 was 30fps we shouldn't be getting this now. I'll wait till it goes in sale for like a tenner lol

  27. So happy that I didn’t just jump in by this game like everybody else scared the graphics look like PS4 graphics PS4 pro now when they bring out patches for graphic updates 60 frames per second updates and other mechanical game updates then I will buy it for cheaper you guys spent 60 $70 Deluxe Edition money for a PS4 Pro type game and graphics but on the bright side I’m pretty sure over time they will put a lot of patches and updates and it’s definitely worth the wait I’ll rather watch for free then pay 60 $70

  28. First trailer of a game that actually looks like you wanna play it after like 7 years of terrible games

  29. Like, it’s kinda like, u know… like, sorta.. like, it’s ..u Absolutely unwatchable

  30. I’ll buy when it’s better optimized. Looks great.

  31. Gotta be honest bro, the 30fps is horrendous. It even drops below, around 24~25 fps at times. No buy at this moment. 👎🏽

  32. Whats the healing output like for nightwings darts on teammates?

  33. I think my issue is the 30fps is hardly super smooth on PS5.
    I really hope consoles gets 60fps. Because I really like this game…. Enjoying it a lot.

  34. If anyone on PlayStation wanna play add me Dimez1208

  35. I’m skipping because of 30 fps. No amount of words will change that. This is supposed to be next gen. I cannot play 30 fps especially when I’m coming back from my super pc which ran games at max graphics at 140 fps. So no, I will not 30 fps. 60 fps is bare minimum these days

  36. I just started this game today and this mf has reached the max level of each character lol

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