Gotham Knights Co Op Gameplay On PS5 At Max Level (Gotham Knights Gameplay PS5)

Gotham Knights Co Op Gameplay (Gotham Knights Gameplay – gotham knights PS5)
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  1. I can’t decide who to play as! I’m screwed! I want a main character, but I keep switching lol 😂. Never gonna complete the game! I started with Red Hood! But I’m trash playing as him! Dunno how to use Red Hood! Maybe he gets better as you level him up?

  2. Played this for the first time yesterday, it's one of the best series S/X games I've played so far! Of course I'm a really big fan of batman and co.

  3. does story mode has coop mode , i mean play coop in main missions or story mode?

  4. Thanks! Joe for being one of the best streams you are awesome

  5. I just wish they remade DC universe like this…

  6. This how Marvels Avengers should’ve been!

  7. Love it when Nightwing and Robin team up to fight crime in Gotham.

  8. this game got alot of negative flak it didnt deserve.

  9. first time watching gameplay and i hope this is will get better

  10. It’s like coop doesn’t work unless I join someone

  11. Lol this game can barely run at 30fps. Don’t listen to these paid reviews. The fact that this game is compared to saints row is cause for concern. Sheep go baaaa

  12. Question about New Game Plus: Since the game forces you to delete your only save in order to start a new game (on console), does that mean that we can only play through the story twice and then can’t ever play it again? :/

  13. Playing coop with my gf on Xbox and having a blast!

  14. I can feel the 30 fps scratching my eyes

  15. Man…why the hell you keep throwing those spearmint mentos at ppl??😂

  16. Idc what anyone says , this game is so fkn fun

  17. Tbh this game has a better combat system than the Arkham games

  18. Dont grind too much in lvl 30, there is new game plus with lvl max 40.

  19. Is this game worth getting now? Or wait till it goes on sale

  20. Dude got early access so don’t expect an honest review

  21. For me the coop hasn’t been untethered whenever we go to far away from each other the game crashes

  22. Marvel's Avengers needs an open world map of Manhattan or San Francisco that works a little like this.

  23. love the vibes and content
    though the max level is 40, not 30

  24. Why is everybody I watch in this game weak asf😒⁉️….

  25. Honestly one of the most fun coop games I’ve played in a while

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