Grappling Hook Parkour Speedrun: The Game

What do you get when you cross TF2/CS surfing, Spider-Man, and a speed-based game? Cyber Hook, one of the more interesting games I’ve seen on Steam as of recently! It really scratches the itch of a high octane speedrun focused game, which is something I’ve really only seen in racing games until now. This is a style of video I’m not really sure about, so let me know if you like it and what kind of improvements I could make!

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  1. You should play momentum mod when it comes out

  2. Hey, since you liked this, you should really check out verlet swing! Similar type of game to this, since you couldn't really find a direct comparison.

  3. Yooo I played this game a while ago and its a pretty fun game. Im glad you played it

  4. Mannpower players when they see unsucked cock.

  5. This would be cool as an extension to Momentum Mod or something rather than a standalone game just for grappling.

  6. This actually kinda gives me Ultrakill vibes

  7. 9:20 I was literally thinking that this was like Run 2 in the first 5 minutes of the video lol

  8. The game has a free demo so there's not much reason for people not to try it, also it's 65% off right now

  9. I feel like the time slow isn't necessarily only a crutch, it seems like you could maybe get more speed with the higher reach

  10. Verlet Swing is very similar, instead of this retrowave aesthetic though, it's a more abstract vaporwave approach with more of the vibrant bold 80s looks… and pizza.

    There's also Grapple, which is more simple in scope, more space-like and without the intense focus on speed, more platforming-focused than this or Verlet Swing.

  11. Rayman with a grappling hook, awesome.

  12. Ah yes, I do love some good plants vs zombies gameplay

  13. i thought it was tf2 because of the thumbnail

  14. If you like games like these, you should try out Neon Boost. It’s an amazing game about rocket jumping.

  15. try GTTOD
    it has the same aesthetic and similar movement

  16. The time slowing also gives slightly more reach to hook. You can slow for a split second to lose minimal time and hook something you otherwise couldn't. As a result, in speedrunning there's good uses for it with optimal routes requiring the reach on occasion.

  17. If you read the thing it expands the range of the hook

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