Guessing the TOP 5 MOST DOWNLOADED iPhone Games!! (as of 2018) #shorts


  1. the first thing that came to my mind was roblox 😭

  2. I was shouting Candy crush the whole time

  3. 1st should be mobile legends bang bang

  4. Roblox Minecraft free fire fornight angry birds just a having Coffe cuz they waiting

  5. How about car parking😢😢😢

  6. I’m sorry where is Tom gold run. That was like my childhood game

  7. Roblox has left the chat
    Free fire has left the chat
    Cofm has left the chat
    Pubg has left the chat

  8. Free fire:" AM I A JOKE TO YOU!?!?"

  9. CR7 Junior go goat he's the best but not this girl is not

  10. I thought Roblox was no.2 and subway was 3…

  11. angry birds classic left the chat 😐

  12. Bro the only people who play candy crush are peobably 50 year old Facebook moms 💀

  13. Nowadays playing mobile games is like digging gold in a shit hole

  14. I tought that plants vs zombies would be there

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