Guinea Pig Parkour – Crowdfunding Trailer – A completely hand-drawn 2D platformer adventure game

Kickstarter coming soon! Follow here to get notified as soon as it launches:


  1. I love this Rockos Modern Life inspired theme.

  2. Love the animation, good luck with that kickstarter

  3. Dude, i loved every second of this, oozing 90s all over the place.

  4. It's like 2D platforming with Crash Bandicoot and Sam and Max thrown in~

  5. this looks MODERN LIFE-ISH!
    I cannot wait to see where this project goes

  6. Hey Dev, do I see some Rayman 1 inspiration here? 🙂 Amazingly smooth player character!

  7. I'm digging this art style and I love 90's nostalgia vibes.

    Def gonna have to support this.

  8. Hello from Funnyjunk, just wanted to let you know that this looks absolutely fantastic, especially considering you did it all by yourself

  9. Ok, not gonna lie, this looks pretty sick. In a good way, of course.
    I'll check it out soon.

  10. I love how the guinea pig is practically a liquid when he moves. I can’t wait for the game to come out and I’m glad I backed this.

  11. been following this game for a few years now, and this main theme song is freaking great

  12. Maria goreth dos santos carvalho Santos says:

    Love coffeeeeeee

  13. In all honesty, it’s very hard to follow the expressions of the main character due to all of the fluid slapstick movements.

  14. Amazing Work!
    Are you still using Construct 3 to make this? If so, how does it behave performance wise(considering you have so many animation frames).
    And what is the native resolution?
    Sorry for all the questions, but I used to work a lot with Construct Classic and want to make the jump to Construct 3 but I'm a bit afraid of the performance.
    Thanks, and keep it up 😉

  15. Who could dislike this masterpiece!? I’m so heccin exited!

  16. crazy animations! it's a trip! excellent work!

  17. It's like Rocko's Modern Life and Cool Spot had a baby.

  18. this is beyond the word incredible. You have my upmost respect my man I am 100% supporting

  19. OH HELL NO, ONE PERSON ONLY? you lunatic…

    Sign me up.

  20. This has to be the most vibrant, and animated game I’ve ever seen

  21. Idk why but this game seems like a jelly version of cuphead and i have a question. How long did it take to make the art and the game? From the looks it might just be better than cuphead and your doing this by yourself.

  22. I hope this game gets more attention it looks like the next viral video game

  23. okay, which musician listened to the Rocko's Modern Life theme and said "I really like the part where they said the name of the show 389 times"

    Desculpa se não fala Português, mas mano que animação perfeita. Coisa de maluco. ❤️

  25. Can you play on PS4? I’m truly invested in this indie game.

  26. Can you please make a mobile games (Android and iOS) and console's game (PS4 PS5 Nintendo switch and Xbox series X/S)

  27. Why are so few people aware of this project?? The game and animations look so good!! This video and game deserve much more attention!

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