Hairy’s Room Tours: Parkour Rooms

Howdy guys! My name is HairyManLegs! I’ll be showcasing some of the Community Parkour rooms in this video. Learn to build: Tutorials and social channels ↓

Tag #RecRoomDev on your recroom creation post!

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  1. hey rec room i had a psvr with about 1400 tokens and my psvr broke so i have a quest coming in the mail will my tokens transfer over?

  2. lol dad last map though never mistake the dude for a girl 😉

  3. 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐊𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐨𝐠 says:

    R E C R O O M B E T A

  4. hi I'm on my dads account but when I get oculus I ll
    be playing in no time btw I'm junior I listen to the rules

  5. I was in the same room as Hairy in the intro haha lol

  6. U forgot mine “The Lights Parkour” 🙁
    It just passed 1k visits

  7. Hairy is so nice I invited him to golden and he joined then gifted me out of no where, thank you hairy!

  8. Hairy how do u fix scratched lens for vr

  9. Where is crossplay between all systems including iOS and android and vr

  10. #50 thousand subscribers:) congratulations cuz I have 2 of my accounts which is this and my yt channel

  11. Some say that man is still there….waiting for his controller to charge.

  12. I like how ^TheJumpForce is the equivalent of one of those “1000 level Roblox obbys”

  13. Time actually in this video, time the one with the laser tag visor that held everybody up

  14. Rec room if you’re reading this
    I just want to say that many people would love to have a sculpt tool where they can remove certain parts of shapes to create more detailed objects without taking as much storage as they usually would to build normally

    ( this is NOT my idea I am just spreading the word)

  15. The music played at the very start. Is that a high quality "Stunt Runners (Final Lap)" theme I hear? Because an audio file would be epic… 😛

  16. No one else noticed… The channel is at half a million subs

  17. In dogeball can you fix it…
    In ps4 its imposible to grab the ball
    Everybody can cach your ball and you cant cach the ball ( can you please make you can cach the ball more easy and other things i say?)

  18. Will u guys release or make android rec room I really wanna play

  19. Bruh i got banned cause toxic people reported me in a pvp + I didn't even use my mic

  20. Hey rec room I wanted to congratulate you on 50.4k sub 🤩🥳🤩🤩

  21. Nobody:

    Rec room players when coach is online:

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