Harsh Reality of Street Parkour 🇬🇧

Battling the streets, picking up injuries to tick off challenges.
Ft. The Motus Projects.
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Mr Scrolls – Jumping Jax

Lotus Beats – Passion

Deblion – Like New



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– Dutch

Why Worry & Don’t Trip by Lotus Beats:


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luv so ez by namu.

À Contresens by Cleon.

UNDOZED by dakkagob.

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STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match.

– Toby Segar
– Drew Taylor
– Sacha Powell
– Joshua Burnett Blake
– Callum Powell
– Max Cave
– Benj Cave
This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training since 2005 and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities or movement AT HEIGHT performed in these videos.


  1. My dad has a small dent in his knee after parkour fail

  2. U guys probably need to buy a new pair of shoes every week

  3. You Guys Are A Different ParkOur YouTuber all of the other's just do POV and parkour but u guys are more entertaining 😀

  4. Hello English, I am from Argentina, the Malvinas Islands will always be Argentine, even though we lost.

  5. i love the way yalll try to act cool when making a mistake lol

  6. You guys are amazing!!!! You videos are super cool and very well made. You’re all an inspiration for me!!😊😅😄

  7. They didnt damige the car and protected it :))

  8. I love the way that dude was just like "alright storror" as if he just saw his mate in the pub

  9. Storror! Which part of uk are u guys in bc I’m in Scotland Falkirk

  10. Now we just need a game of tag of them running around a certain area

  11. where were you in eastbourne bc that where i live

  12. chừng nào soi sáng mới chịu show mặt

  13. hey storror why dont you use fingerlis gloves?

  14. YouTube muzică populară Sunset Lover omoare că deoarece😇😇😇😇😇🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😵😵😵😵 Pocket Edition😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😿😿😿😿👶👶👶👶👶👶👶🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈👸👸👸👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👰👰👰👰👰👰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🤱🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  15. I've loved Parkour since I was a little kid. The scene near me is literally nonexistent. As a result I have never put in the effort and time to actively pursue it. This video was one of the triggering factors to get me to start working out and actively trying to do parkour. Love the videos. You're all an inspiration.

  16. “So what your saying is, your a quitter?”
    death stare
    “Keep rolling.”

  17. usher to a cat is a vibe I didn't know I needed

  18. What are they using to grab camera with their mouth?

  19. Its nice to see my hometown of eastbourne in a vid and i lived near the flats where they were at. Big up the storror army

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