How Different Game Characters Jump Off Drops ⬇️

How Different Games Take Drops 🎮 #parkour #shorts #gaming


  1. As someone who plays botw the last strip of energy that perfectly stops so you save just enough to glide for half a second

  2. Sonic just ignores fall damage, too ligth to be affected by it i guess

  3. Prince of Persia was best at this video, i even not know prince of persia

  4. TF2: breaks ankles and groans in agony

  5. my lil cousin is saying fr but he didnt play any of these games..

  6. Is this house familiar it's like for nick pro

  7. Bro u should put GTA III to this video😂😂😂(Claude just lays down and then gets up lol)

  8. The Super Mario jump was the most hilarious XD

  9. The fall damage sound in older Zelda games were funny to me
    Sounded like Link was trying hard not to swear while Nintendo glared at him off camera

  10. В геншине иногда похожая ситуация что и с Марио 😅

  11. No te niegues, ohh ohh

    Pdta :Yo he jugado Assassin's creed es rre buenísimo y además me gustó más el de black flag

  12. The only way to make it is to use a rhythm

  13. Minecraft should have been a water bucket mlg

  14. Nintendo will hunt you listening this music

  15. bro breath of the wild is so accurate istg

  16. Roses are red violets are blue we all went to the comments cause we didn’t know what to do

  17. if u do a 2nd one of these can u put i wanna be the guy??

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