How Parkour CHANGED Video Gaming

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Parkour has totally changed video gaming as we know it. From games built parkour like Assassin’s Creed & Mirror’s Edge to game subtly featuring parkour like GTA & Far Cry even minecraft parkour and fornite parkour have become popular. In today’s video we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming & the future.

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London’s War on Parkour


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  1. The game would be dope if has some hyper stylized flare like Jet Set

  2. Laura Croft's wall Ups from Tomb Rader 2 in 98 was the first move I ever tried and mastered. She was my inspiration to learn flipping too.

  3. They’re should be a parkour game that’s slow and precise like what the Skate series did with skateboarding

  4. Thanks Jimmy, love your stories and the research you do. Speaking personally I'm a big fan of speed running and racing games. But that can be a bit antiseptic without other humans. Maybe world race tag? With some time bonus for stringing together moves. Get the Harry Potter fans by having parkour Quidditch?? 🙂

  5. This needs an update with Storror's game…

  6. there is a parkour game being made but u dont kn that bc im from the futchure

  7. Lol jumping over fences and on roofs my dad did and hes in his 60s gta5 is not parkour

  8. I played Getting Up back in 2007 or 2008 in the small city of Quetta Pakistan. I always thought that it was groundbreaking in terms of stuff the character could do.

  9. Bruh imagine a parkour game but the main character had the ability to walk through objects

  10. So nothing about Free Jack that was a good parkour racing game…

  11. The only thing I realize is ' You make way too much money of off this '

  12. I really like your content but please stop referring to Tony Hawk as “Tony Hawks.” I’ve watched a few of your videos now where you refer to him as though his name ends with an ‘s’ and it finally drove me a bit crazy during this video.

  13. Still waiting for datæ to release beatrun mod for gmod so we can do parkour in gmod.

  14. How does this not have millions of views

  15. No way! I remember Mark Ecko's Getting Up. I think I rented it from Blockbuster once.

  16. There's an old graffiti game calling getting up which had quite a bit of parkour in jumping between buildings and what not, what I blame for getting into graffiti aha still free crew 😉
    Ahaha as if you mentioned it how sick! Definitely worth playing and I remember that free running game it sucked aha

  17. It would be so cool to make a game where you mix parkour with Ally Law style sneaking into buildings in London to get to the top. I feel like one could do a lot of cool stuff with that especially once the security spots you and you have to escape

  18. I only played the first AC because when all those games were new I was small and I was just watching my older brother play them(not knowing english I wouldn't understand anything, so to this day I know only a little from the plot), I played it not so long ago, and IT WAS FUN

  19. There is a game called dreams ps4 and in it someone has made a parkour game

  20. im a history buff aswell as a free runner ive been wanting to play assasins creed for ages

  21. the best parkour ive seen in games is the hit game cookie clicker 2

  22. This is definitely reaching. But interesting video idea.

  23. Pretty good content. I never thought I could be hooked into parkour videos. Cheers from Mexico

  24. Poor Core Design, their Freerunning engine should’ve been part of Tomb Raider the Angel Of Darkness, but they ended up creating something completely different as they lost the IP for TR flopping before with the same Angel Of Darkness. Sad that they failed again for the same problem.

  25. wheres Vector tho i know its a mobile game but like its the best mobile parkour game

  26. I've played all the assassin's Creed games up to unity, so I can't speak for the games after. Saying this, I've definitely noticed the increase of fluidity from the first to unity, and I feel that black flag had a few key aspects of movement that would set it apart from the third game and be the stepping Stones to unity. I feel like unity need really put a mark in the assassin's Creed games, the movement is amazingly fluid with the feature to choose to ascend or descend in the middle of a run allowing for improvisation making this game more immersive and that would be the biggest step from where the movement in this series really progressed from its first game.

  27. I'm upset about the fact that he said that shadow of war is an assassin's Creed rip off, I don't believe this to be true. There is a game that comes before shadow of war which is called Shadow of Mordor, and if this was to be a rip off of something, it would be a reskinned rewritten Batman Arkham series game. Because these games are made from the same developer, a lot of the same aspects are used from one to the other. Assassin's Creed has a lot of things that sets it apart from the Shadow of Mordor series, so I don't feel like it is a rip off.

  28. A parkour game would need PvP chase tag as a play mode.

  29. My absolute favorite implementation of parkour is Dying Light. Its not a 1:1 exactly but yea

  30. I think Jackie Chan should get a nod for his crazy building jump in the 1995 movie rumble in the bronx.

  31. right off the bat there is a slight but very significant issue here: parkour did not generate this change in videogames, this change in videogames was a result of the people making them fairly desperately wanting to make the playercharacter more able to move through and interact with the game environment in an at-least-vaguely natural manner, aside from just how much this bugs you on a basic level when interacting with a game where there are issues with movement it's a pretty hard ask for suspension of disbelief when the cybernetically enhanced supersoldier or whathaveyou that you are playing as is less capable of traversing terrain than the couch potato playing the game. you wouldn't believe how much it does for the feel of a game when your character can 1: grab a ledge and 2: handle small obstacles at least somewhat naturally. let alone actually move about like you would expect a superhuman action hero to be able to.

    parkour is a natural place to look when trying to find examples to run off of when trying to animate this instead of essentially having to create a natural system of movement individual to each and every character.

  32. Dont make a parcour game go outside and do it yourself

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