How Parkour CHANGED Video Gaming

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Parkour has totally changed video gaming as we know it. From games built parkour like Assassin’s Creed & Mirror’s Edge to game subtly featuring parkour like GTA & Far Cry even minecraft parkour and fornite parkour have become popular. In today’s video we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming & the future.

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London’s War on Parkour


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  1. You forgot the most important one:


  2. when i searched True Pk Fr it didnt show up on the playstation store why not?

  3. "little know game called assassin's creed".. DUDE ASSASSIN'S CREED FRANCHISE IS MASSIVEEEEEE

  4. Uhhh uncharted
    Where is uncharted its iconic and has a ton of movement

  5. My idea is for a game to have b-boying and parkour/freerunning be the primary focus of the game. Basically taking Watch Dogs 2 and removing all the hacker elements/mechanics and replacing them with complete b-boying and parkour mechanics. So instead of fighting to take down corporations as hackers, you're making videos and competing in events to gain sponsorship and worldwide fame!

  6. How did you forget Dying Light that is the most kick ass zombie parkour game there is go check it out if you have ever heard of it

  7. This man doesn't have that much supporters but he do be making bank tho

  8. No no not You-bi-soft
    But oOOoo-bi-soft

    Sorry man just thought it was funnt lol

  9. Dying light is one of my fav parkour games

  10. Do Shadow of the collossus and Ico count? Those had advanced climbing.

  11. your idea sounds like an idea for a watch dogs game dude

  12. Mirror's edge is and free running are the real parkour games.

  13. One side note: The original Prince of Persia game was developed by just one guy. You could do that back in the day.

  14. You prob already know. But storror was making a video game recently. Prob will take a little while to come out

  15. Aaaaaand I just saw your newer video speaking about the new game lol

  16. few months after this video was released, Storror announced their game 😂💪🏽

  17. My take on what will make a real inspiring game:

    "Difficulty" is one of the defining traces of parkour. There is something magic in a sport that uses no actual equipment. It's not like someone perfected the use of a prop, like a skateboard or a bike. He is perfecting movement itself, and anyone who moves can relate to that. Contradictory to the evident difficulty of the moves, videogames that use parkour implement it in the opposite way: making things that are unthinkably hard to do into a very easy thing. It empowers the player, and that's why it works in videogames that DON'T FOCUS ON PARKOUR.

    For a parkour game to become successful, it must have a very high skill cap. A fail must have really hard consequences for progress.

    Of course it can't be so hard that people don't have fun playing, so the balance should be such that you can easily complete a stage, but you have to work hard to make it with style.

  18. parkour game idea: I want to see a theft parkour game like at the beginning of the game there is a poor professional free runner and he needs money, he has friends that know parkour and have robbed, and then in the middle of the game the main character (the professional free runner) is alone because his friends got caught or they died and the main character has to find new friends so he can pull off a big museum heist. I got this idea from 6 underground and GTA 5

  19. I like these kinda of videos a lot, i learn more about stuff i actually care about and its also entertaining at the same time

  20. Dead leg relative but ripping the wire out of turtle beach head phones

  21. Me when i was younger:wow the movement in assassins creed is so unrealistic and impossible
    Me now knowing about parkour: wow so realistic

  22. This is the video that inspired Storror to make Storror Parkour Pro

  23. It's only a matter of time before parkour explodes, and this channel may very well be the catalyst for that

  24. I started to train parkour because of you thanks

  25. Free running is the best and yet the only parkour game exist (that is about parkour and not something else). It's a shame that we don't have a remake of it.

  26. the best parkour game ever made is the original Vector, change my mind. even though its a mobile game, every time i download it out of boredom, i 100% it every time. 3 stars on every level, with every tricked unlocked. this time ill get the cosmetics as well.

  27. I would love to see David Belle in B13 Control him. Like a movie Based game.

  28. don't let EA get their hands on it.
    i still love SSX Tricky

  29. Brother Never mentioned the uncharted series

  30. bro i just played assassins creed to stab cultists

  31. if u ever have played the parkour game on roblox , u see the greatness of the idea of it , why won't somebody make the game for outside roblox , like ubisoft

  32. There’s a VR parkour game called stride and it’s really good

  33. I think it would be sick if like GTA 6 had rlly good parkour

  34. I'm suprised you didn't mention dishonored for the 1st person parkour games

  35. so my main question is have you played AC unity. its parkour is extremely good, the game suffered from some of the rushing but the parkour and map are super good and have the smooth flow

  36. I love how shadow of mordor is being left out eventhough shadow of war was its sequel and had them same movement

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