How Parkour CHANGED Video Gaming

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Parkour has totally changed video gaming as we know it. From games built parkour like Assassin’s Creed & Mirror’s Edge to game subtly featuring parkour like GTA & Far Cry even minecraft parkour and fornite parkour have become popular. In today’s video we explore the evolution of parkour in gaming & the future.

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London’s War on Parkour


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  1. You are a goat man. Your chanel is growing so much

  2. Respect from Russian Flexible Guy – you are the Best freerunning reviewer ❤️😎

  3. ToTaLLY chANgE EVEryTHinG

    ***MuSSiCcCC BeGiNs***

  4. 8:32 here was me thinking you were going to do some Micheal Scott level of parkour

  5. Slappin the quality my guy… keep it up 👍

  6. Yesss bro. I timed an hour from when you messaged me. Lol. Let’s get it!

  7. It's so f***ing in fair how his channel is basically stagnant

  8. I have played freerunning so much on ps2 ….specially floor is lava

  9. I think if an open World game were to ever revolve around parkour, it would be at AOM locations, Dame Du Lac or even locations for videos like Storror's Cappadocia. Then all the footage you found of destroyed London locations would be used to recreate them 🙂

  10. Remember when Assassin's Creed is about being an assassin ?

  11. Truly appreciate the shoutout man! Great video as always. So excited for you to get your hands on the game one day!

  12. 21:16 How about you could choose between diffeent characters like Toby Segar or Benj from Storror and David Belle etc.

  13. I don't know how you come up with these ideas but they're great keep them coming

  14. Amazing Video!
    Actually I'm not sure if I would've liked Skate 3 more with a better story (It's the game I played for the longest time in my life). Because I just loved it to skate around and set challenges for myself. As I do it in real life Parkour. I think that the next Parkour Video Game should take a lot from Skate 3 when it comes to controls. Because it gave it more diversity. And this exactly is what a Parkour game needs. Diversity: The possibility to make slightly off axis Kong Gainers or something like that. If you have this it feels more realistic.
    Just some thoughts I have because I'm waiting for a good Parkour game since I played "Free Running" back in 2009 or so. I thought about this topic a lot of times.
    Keep your great Content up and let's jam together if you ever visit Switzerland. 😀

  15. Mirror's Edge has such a vibe honestly, like really great environment design, the pov really accentuated that well, I'm so sad that it ended up more of a cult classic than a widely well received game

  16. I like how your video structure/style takes inspiration from people such as John Hill. I love the little training clips in between chunks of informative content. Keep up the great work!

  17. really interesting and thought-provoking as always jimmy! thank you

  18. Wow! amazing quality. Thanks for the effort you put into your videos

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