How to make an Endless Runner Parkour Game in scratch! #easy

Hello everyone! 🙂
today you’re going to learn how to make a simple and awesome Endless runner jungle parkour game on scratch!
please use with credit!
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Platformer tutorial:
music: lovely dance by vexento

————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 intro
1:15 download and import the asset
3:00 create the costume levels
5:25 create the levels code
9:45 import player, make hitbox codes
16:25 create the player animation
20:00 create the scrolling backgound
21:00 create the score, highscore and gameover screen
27:05 outro


  1. Sorry, I forgot to do these 2 things: stop the score when there is gameover and the costume of the hitbox, it has to go to costume 2 only if the down key is pressed, otherwise it goes to costume1

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