How to Play That One Game that Commentary Channels Use For There Videos

0:00 What the Game is called
2:43 How to Install Stream
3:40 How to Install the game
4:23 How to get into a map
6:08 How to play + Gameplay

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Welcome to Joey gaming! Where “Gaming Is My Passion” I do commentaries about Gaming News and Trending Topics. Keep in mind that I other stuff than commentary like Livestreams, Minecraft Roleplays, and Let’s plays. Joey gaming is a democracy where the Community votes in the decisions and where criticism is welcomed and appreciated!
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  1. It took you 90000 years to say the name of the game

  2. I’ve been looking everywhere for csgo lol

  3. Love ur content man maybe we can make a video together and collab

  4. If you guys are looking for that truck jumping game, its called clustertrucks and its also on steam

  5. I’ve been looking for 5 years for CSGO A GAME IVE HAD FOR 3 YEARS

  6. how do you like aim where your moving in the air in csgo

  7. why where you looking at a hot tub stream

  8. The intro is the game I want to find. What is it called?

  9. "Sorry For giving any of you guys seziures" XD 🤣🤣

  10. bro steam is stupid asf it says its gona be ready in 5 days ._.

  11. Thanks for the vid, I've benn watching commentary Youtubers play this game for years but I could never figure it out on my own so very much thank you!

  12. I was literally looking up this game and trying to find it for an hour 😭😭 Thank you for including how to like download and get into maps

  13. I thought this was blade runner because you move fast while holding a bayonet…

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