I BECAME a Parkour MASTER in Roblox

I started playing this parkour game on Roblox and its awesome it is hard to get used to controls but after a while became a master at it here’s the game Parkour

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Game : roblox parkour
#roblox​​​​​​​​​​​ #parkour​​​​​​​​​​​ #robloxparkour

Music : πŸ“’
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Outro Music : πŸ“’
Jim Yosef – Lights [NCS Release]


  1. want to fly buy wingssuit want to grapple buy grapple gamepass

  2. JxisiiakkKjJjajNjkMkkMKkMKkJkKkkKom master pro eliteeeeeee the is another guy elitwlupus

  3. why does a major YouTuber play worse than a no name?

  4. now we need elite to do advanced and learn how to fly

  5. That parkour modded not the real parkour but its ok

  6. i know im 1 year late but maybe you can start the series and we could play sometime

  7. it took me so long to do that wallrun bit i had to get people that were good to help me do it

  8. he really needs to play this again.

  9. Omg u actually already had a video from this

  10. You will improve so much if you do the advanced tutorial

  11. If you think you are i master then do advacted tutorial you will do ther wall climb jump doble wall climb jump static jump and spring jump and doble wall run

  12. Us parkour players literally breathe in stems

  13. Huskyes ハスキーズ says:

    You didn't learn normal tricks so it's not fun for amateurs

  14. I’m like around level 475 in this game and I kno how to speed vault with grappler

  15. Bro didn't even reach past level 20, and he put "Master" in the title ._.

  16. People when a brand new player doesn't learn how to coil dash

  17. epim teep in midair place your back against a wall and then do the long jump

  18. i wanna say something the one improtant one skill (maybe idk) jumping and wallrunning

  19. The aliens give you a badge if you find it

  20. hey elite you should try the robot arm if your lvl 450

  21. Bro calls humself master when he hasnt done advanced toturial yet

  22. I have skills do you see! Drop a like on the video pls πŸ‘

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