so yea.you guys should totally play it.btw im so sorry if you guys think my voice is cringe because is my first doing something like this.so yea.if you guys wanna see more then comment and dont forget to subscribe.

oh yea here is the link for the game

hope you guys enjoy the video 🙂


  1. i really hope they add a timer mode or story mode (idkhow tha will work) but since there are like random dummies with random names it oculd lead to a story mode

  2. Chat… This MIGHT be the video of all time!

  3. This game isnt supposted to be a reborn copy read the description lmao

  4. Its not the best reborn copy there are better ones

  5. Nice video i also made a vid on this and I honestly don't agree with it being THE best but its aight

  6. W vid, Keep up the good work man =D

    What's the song called?

  7. its not inspired by pr, OR a remake. the devs get discouraged because of people saying that. (its partly inspired but still.)

  8. Yo sup troz I didn't know you had a youtube channel and your editing is really good

  9. There’s another one called parkour reborn modded

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