I Have MASTERED Parkour in VR

Today we dive back into the VR set to play some Stride VR! They recently had an update that added multiplayer and some new additions to the singleplayer. And I have been ADDICTED to playing the endless mode on here.

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  1. Yo bro I’m a YouTuber as well, it’s a great thing to have fun while making videos and getting views at the same time

  2. This game looks so fun i hope it comes out on oculus some day then ill try to be the number 1 player🔥❤️

  3. For 200k subs you should do a throwback video doing like BOlll and GTA 5

  4. Toast is the only person who can talk about leaderboards for 5 minutes

  5. I have this game but I go to multiplayer there always no one in it or barley any one only have 1-3 players, I try to play a mode I wait for Soo long. Only way you can play on multiplayer you have some friends. Endless is my favourite just give you same vibes from subway surfers

  6. Remember if you shoot slower you have more accuracy towards where you were aiming

  7. i really like this story time plus gameplay style video

  8. Talking as the #8 worldwide on PCVR, I'm glad that you're trying to get on the leaderboard. And because you're already a YouTuber, I say you should enter the video contest they're doing right now. I hope to see you on the discord server!

  9. Yo! I would love to play stride with you sometime bro, I’ve been watching your content for years now, I love seeing you play this game!

  10. Man I remember playing mwr with you and watching you stream bo3 zombies those were the days brother

  11. POV:Fortnite kid forgot to go to zone. (Racing the storm)

  12. I completely agree with u on leaderboards in game. It drives u so much seeing that guy in top spot and thinking i wanna be there

  13. Awesome! So glad to finally see a quality content creator make a stride video beyond the usual "First Impression" stuff. There's a lot of nuance to the game that takes a bit of practice to unlock, but is super fun to watch.

    Looking forward to seeing you pass me on the leaderboards, that's for sure!

    But the real question isn't who can be #1, but who'll be the chosen strider that cracks the coveted million points threshold. A theoretically possible hour-long run, and the Legendary White Whale of the Stride Community!

  14. this ish had me on the edge of my seat. enjoyed the video. will definitely purchase the game.

  15. Hey awaken toaster could you may please give me a game it’s Blade and Sorcery

  16. I wish you luck toast! it’s a real challenge getting 1st place….

  17. No more Facecam!!! it's a distracting and makes the screen smaller!!!!

  18. Hey toast recently I got the new Blade and sorcery update and ever since I’ve been in love with the game also toast could you reply and pin my reply because it’s never happened

  19. "I am sucking the most sucky suckyness" – Toast 2022
    later in the vid, "I am just sucking the major sucks"

  20. I love toasts content but I feel like the cameras screen placement shouldn’t be that big

  21. What is the name of the game? Toast can you play blade and sorcery without any mode

  22. “I don’t wanna talk about my aim” but your aim sucks even more… so true I need more practice

  23. quit stopping when you shoot. its so painful to see.

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