I finally decided to start my first bigger game project, a 3D first-person parkour game in Unity 😀

Thanks for watching, if you have any suggestions for the game, just leave a comment.

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I’ll answers as many as I can (normally every one :D)

➤DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT (in the free-code-dave channel):
➤My Discord: https:

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➤ Trailer:

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You really scrolled all the way down here? 😀


  1. Hey , can anyone help me download the project ?

  2. Good job with the video man, you'll definitely blow up in the near future!

  3. the hero that never returned , we miss you :')

  4. How do you destroy the enemy when you've shot him a certain amount of time

  5. Does he sound like Brakeys to anyone else?

  6. can you make a tutorial for an rigidbody fps controller? (like danis one) cuz i wanna understand how its done

  7. Dave, I am not able to see the project file on the discord server, if you can please repost it and keep up the amazing vids, they are so helpful to me

  8. hey have u taken the code off ur dicord because i cant find it

  9. hey is there a way to get the play movement script

  10. this is my problem in game development. i just get called a dani clone and i get hated on. it sucks because all i did was use the probuilder texture.

  11. I was wondering what program you use to write c#? I’m starting to learn to code on a website, but I want to try to make scripts for unity, and I would appreciate it.

  12. 2 mins. in and it's already looking smooth! It does feel like you're wearing roller blades or something, but still cool!

  13. When the world most needed him he Disappeared 🙁

  14. Im just gonna be totally out of theme of this video now. But how can i make it so when i shoot (I mean kill) that it automatically changes the weapon.

    example: Assualtrifle-Shotgun-Smg-Sniper-Shotgun-Aussaultrifle

    Sry for the complexity.


    hi sir

    how i can make loading a level in segments like LIMBO does.

    I assume the whole game isnt loaded in at the start but as you pass certain areas the next area is being loaded in?

    Any help or direction of the process for this would be great. Not to bothered about CODE snippets for now just want to get my head around how it works if poss.?

  16. Could you make a tutorial on Pathfinder's grapple hook from apex?? Please thanks u!

  17. Help help i am getting an error Shooting Ai can not be found are you missing something form your one script any gun vedio

  18. dave i don't if you see this but the last caple off days the have scammers on you discord server and because the community became toxic i left the server if this problem fix you by able to invite my again

  19. Wake up Dave! Your discord is out of control. People are sending porn and it's being raided. Do something

  20. Brother how can i growth my player like voodoo games in unity 3d please tell me

  21. Well as I can see you are a professional unity game developer. Can you make a new tutorial series? ( How to make a "people playground" game in unity).
    that would be awesome because no one has done this before!

  22. Dude you should do a Tutorial about how to make a JetPack

  23. yo i cant get into ur discord….why…im new to discord

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