I finally decided to start my first bigger game project, a 3D first-person parkour game in Unity 😀

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  1. the game is really good but needs 2 things (imo)
    when you are wallrunning i think the head rotates a bit too much and a bit too slow, i think it would fell much better if it was snappy
    and second is that the game needs alot more lighting effects, things get kinda foggy in the distance
    but the game is super fun! well done

  2. Awesome!!! Definitely going to give it a try, great work! Can't wait to see how it evolves 😀

  3. Yo thegamedevclub just mentioned this channel on instagram. Good to see you grow mate.

  4. I think you can set your game apart by making the setting fantasy/medieval with a castle or a fortress or something like that and the character can be a stealthy rouge thief like character

  5. can you make the whole fps controller using bolt

  6. Thank you for creating this channel I would love to learn how to code with you

  7. please make a full tutorial on movement and wall runing.

  8. please make a full tutorial on movement and wall runing.@Dave / GameDevelopment

    bro I know , but looking at your moveemnt and dani's my mind was blown and i wanted develop one myself, but dani just took it and put in on the player instead of explaing and i was confused.I tried many other youtube videos but that just messed up a lot.so please a make video or series, it will help me a lot.

  9. bro when i used your gunscripy
    It gives me an error
    Error no.1-LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.postprocessing@2.0.3-previewPostProcessingRuntimePostProcessManager.cs(425,66): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInMainScenes'
    Error n0.2-LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.postprocessing@2.0.3-previewPostProcessingRuntimePostProcessManager.cs(424,66): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInScene'

    please help anyone

  10. Hello this is my question from called: How to make ALL kinds of GUNS with just ONE script!(Unity3d tutorial)
    AssetsGunSystem.cs(74,46): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ShootingAi' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    Edit:nvm i found the comment of the enemy script and just copy and past then the error disapear.
    Nice video its really helpful for a beginner like me

    Edit:new problem when i just finished the first problem:
    LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.postprocessing@2.0.3-previewPostProcessingRuntimePostProcessManager.cs(424,66): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInScene'

    LibraryPackageCachecom.unity.postprocessing@2.0.3-previewPostProcessingRuntimePostProcessManager.cs(425,66): error CS0117: 'EditorSceneManager' does not contain a definition for 'IsGameObjectInMainScenes'

    thats all

  11. Can you make a script for 2D guns as you done for your 3D gun script

  12. Help! Please! (100.25)error CS0120: An object reference is required for the non-static field, method, or property 'MonoBehaviour.Invoke(string, float)' Can't fix this


    1 using UnityEngine;

    2 using UnityEngine.AI;


    4 public class EnemyAI : MonoBehaviour

    5 {

    6 public NavMeshAgent agent;


    8 public Transform player;


    10 public LayerMask whatIsGround, whatIsPlayer;

    public static float health;

    public Vector3 walkPoint;

    bool walkPointSet;

    public float walkPointRange;

    public float timeBetweenAttacks;

    bool alreadyAttacked;


    public float sightRange, attackRange;

    public bool playerInSightRange, playerInAttackRange;

    public GameObject projectile;

    private void Awake()


    player = GameObject.Find("Player").transform;

    agent = GetComponent<NavMeshAgent>();

    30 }

    void Update()


    playerInSightRange = Physics.CheckSphere(transform.position, sightRange, whatIsPlayer);

    playerInAttackRange = Physics.CheckSphere(transform.position, attackRange, whatIsPlayer);

    if(!playerInSightRange && !playerInAttackRange) Patroling();

    if(playerInSightRange && !playerInAttackRange) ChasePlayer();

    if(playerInSightRange && playerInAttackRange) AttackPlayer();

    40 }

    private void Patroling()


    if(!walkPointSet) SearchWalkPoint();



    Vector3 distanceToWalkPoint = transform.position – walkPoint;


    if(distanceToWalkPoint.magnitude < 1f)

    walkPointSet = false;


    private void SearchWalkPoint()


    float randomZ = Random.Range(-walkPointRange, walkPointRange);

    float randomX = Random.Range(-walkPointRange, walkPointRange);

    60 walkPoint = new Vector3(transform.position.x + randomX, transform.position.z + randomZ);

    if(Physics.Raycast(walkPoint, -transform.up, 2f, whatIsGround))


    walkPointSet = true;



    private void ChasePlayer()


    70 agent.SetDestination(player.position);


    private void AttackPlayer()





    80 {

    Rigidbody rb = Instantiate(projectile, transform.position, Quaternion.identity).GetComponent<Rigidbody>();

    rb.AddForce(transform.forward * 32f, ForceMode.Impulse);

    rb.AddForce(transform.up * 8f, ForceMode.Impulse);

    alreadyAttacked = true;

    Invoke(nameof(ResetAttack), timeBetweenAttacks);




    private void ResetAttack()


    alreadyAttacked = false;


    public static void TakeDamage(float damage)


    health -= damage;

    100 if(health <= 0) Invoke(nameof(DestroyEnemy), .5f);


    private void DestroyEnemy()




    private void OnDrawGizmosSelected()


    110 Gizmos.color = Color.red;

    Gizmos.DrawWireSphere(transform.position, attackRange);

    Gizmos.color = Color.yellow;

    Gizmos.DrawWireSphere(transform.position, sightRange);


    public void Start()





  13. hey can u give me the new wallrunning script?
    and also make a tutorial about speed particles like karlson pls

  14. pls make a tutorial on how make a boss like the karlson boss plss it would be amazing ,
    and thx in advance

  15. if anyone does not know how to make a damage and health system here ya go:
    also if you dont know how to use it tell me i might post vid about it and this script was made by dave but i made it work better with collisions feel free to copy the script

    using System.Collections;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using UnityEngine;

    using UnityEngine.UI;

    public class ShootingAi : MonoBehaviour


    public int health = 100;

    public int currentHealth;

    public int damage;

    public healthbar healthbar;

    public GameObject Item;

    public int enemydamage;

    private void Start()


    currentHealth = health;



    public void Die()




    public void TakeDamage(int damage)


    health -= damage;

    if (health <= 0)





    private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)


    if (collision.collider.CompareTag("enemy"))


    Debug.Log("has damaged enemy");

    health -= damage;

    if (health <= 0)






    if (collision.collider.CompareTag("rig"))


    Debug.Log("has damaged him");

    health -= enemydamage;

    if (health <= 0)







    public void regeneration(int regen)


    if (health <= 50)

    health = 100;



  16. can you make tutorial about Sword Attack ?

  17. Hi! i've been watching your videos for a while now, but after dowloaded your movement/Wall run script i saw bunch on abilities and other things there that you haven't explained how they work or how to make them work. So i was thinking if you could make a complete tutorial about those abilities like: there was sonic dash and i had no idea what to do with it, flashes i mean i could use that but i don't know how, climbing i understand the potential but i don't know how to. And last but not least That Rocket Force thing i like to think it's like a jetpack like in cod bo3 or titanfall 2 but i don't know what to do with it?? So i'm asking for a somewhat tutorial about these "abilities".

  18. im not going to lie i think the movement looks very stiff and could use some work and other than that the game looks great and i really like the karlson style of the game keep up the good work.

  19. Hello dave 😊
    A problem in my enemy AI
    Of your previous video

    My enemy is not chasing me when I am in sight
    Plz help SIR
    My laptop windows was crashed topically lol
    So in lockdown it took about a month more LøL
    Now it's fixed and I will try your game

  20. Please help me I'm fairly new to Unity and c# it saids "The type or namespace name 'camshake' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?" from the any script any weapon video

  21. Hi
    I copied the code but my character moves everytime to right and i don't know why…
    Can somebody help me?

  22. You and blackthornprod are going to be the next brackeys

  23. Hey dave, how do you get the code autofill in vscode?

  24. Will you please upload this movement script to GitHub…. Cause I felt the wall run movement in this video much better than your tutorial…. And my double jump is slowing the player's movement which I really don't want…. (Your tutorial is good but this wall run was the best)

    Thank you….

  25. If the room color are dark some times it may look cool

  26. Bro plz fix my problem while in air means not on ground my camera start shake plz hel me

  27. Can anyone tell me how I can I make lightning like dani?

  28. If anyone sees this, why do his walls and his floor have a cool texture. How do I get that.

  29. Guys thats the new brackeys. Except after every video he dont say and you can get nuts with it

  30. Can you make a player drop what ever he is holding when dead

  31. can we download the project? i coulden't find it on the discord server (sad face)

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