I finally decided to start my first bigger game project, a 3D first-person parkour game in Unity 😀

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➤DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT (in the free-code-dave channel):
➤My Discord: https:

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➤Wall running Tutorial:
➤Enemy Ai Tutorial:

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➤ Trailer:

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Music used:
➤ Flight – Liqwyd:
➤ New Start – Liqwyd:
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  1. can you add enemies and guns and swords so like action and stuff like that

  2. Bro please make a play list for how to make a game multiplayer in android please

  3. Hey i'm the guy that had that problemwith shooting that goes RATATATA RA. I just copied your code' messed up with the values and…. now it works, i don't know why. Programming is strange🤔…

  4. Can you add some really cool lighting that would be great!

  5. nice video, can I have the movement script please??🥺

  6. This is awesome, I've been trying to make something similar but im still struggling with the basics :/

  7. I See CC0 textures. btw nice vid also update wall run tutorial

  8. posted 2 hours ago and still in my recommended, wow.

    i wasnt even subscribed

  9. You have the YouTube thing down, if you just keep it up your channel is going to get big. Keep up the good work.

  10. Heheheh hehhehehehe heheheh this is a copy of Karlson….
    Parkour games are all the same (my opinion)

  11. this looks very cool

    btw the new wallrunning looks very cool and better than the last one can u pls make a tutorial about it😀

  12. Cool video and nice game. You're such an amazing Gamedev and YouTuber

  13. Are you fond of making a VR Game etc. Cause i need someone like you

  14. Bro Congo for 50k🎉🎉
    I know That's Not Completed
    But Your Increasing Speed Is🤤

  15. This is pretty cool. Guess I'm gonna check out your wall running tutorial now

  16. Hey many many congress to you for gaining 1k sub
    Love you from 🇮🇳

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