I Made a PARKOUR Game in One Month!

Twitter: twitter.com/BarjiYT

In this video I create a fps parkour game in one month! This Video took forever to film/edit so if you did enjoy then make sure to leave a like!

Evan King:

Music Credits:
Yotam Perel:
PurplePlanet: Music:

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  1. Its really simple but its looking like fun

  2. Port it to mobile and add rewarded ADs
    And an ingame cosmetic shop

  3. Please add it to mobile🙏🙏 Its such a cool game, would be so epic if i could play it in the bus

  4. The only thing stopping me from making a game are there god damn Quaternions

  5. i played the game its nice just i was playing like 20fps if u could add grapics options that would be nice but fun game tho

  6. This Game is Just Great…
    I especially like the first 3 levels, those mushrooms look thicc

  7. i'll play soon but i'm still subing EDIT i played it it was great idk what going with the graping gun tho

  8. 2:50 That Among us character do be lookin' kinda sus not gonna lie

  9. can you pls do a version 2 of the game I love it ❤

  10. i wish i could make a mod for this and if not make more levels lol

  11. if you expanded this and put it on Steam for let's say $10 – 15 it'd be pog af imo.

  12. pardon my ignorance can yountell the programs that you used to this game? thanks great game!!!

  13. Barji, Do you think you could make a Mobile version of it? Because im on Mobile and i really enjoy your game

  14. Just today I was looking through steam and found this game. I looked at the developer and searched them up on Youtube and found the channel. I feel like most of the time I find developers or games the opposite way. Great game by the way!

  15. Can you pls do a voice for my parkour+fps game trailer?

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