I Made a PARKOUR Game in One Month!

Twitter: twitter.com/BarjiYT

In this video I create a fps parkour game in one month! This Video took forever to film/edit so if you did enjoy then make sure to leave a like!

Evan King:

Music Credits:
Yotam Perel:
PurplePlanet: Music:

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  1. hey its the guy who came up with the names "muck" and "bob"

  2. Very cool! kinda reminds me of "A Story about my uncle", one of my favorites ever.

  3. i just did a speedrun of this video (watched it at 2x speed). my best time so far is 5:02

  4. f there is a esayer way to axel and desel a player
    u chainge vl by "a" and set vl to vl times"b"
    "b" needs to be les than 1

  5. I think I u want to improve n this u can make cosmetic option for the spear and glider.

  6. Amazing, but how did you create the maps using blender? How did you figure out things like how big a room should be and other details like gaps, holes, heights of walls etc within blender? For example what happens if the pyramid's entrance hole is too big or too small? Do you go back to blender and edit the model until you get it right?

    or do you just make things like a small chunk of the wall and then put it all together in unity so that you can easily edit it after testing?

  7. really good stuff dude, you just got yourself a new subscriber, I'm looking forward to whatever you do next! Seems like you have a pretty good eye for design! Proud of you! Keep it up 🙂

  8. 2:50 you do know that among us is dead, right? It’s not popular anymore

  9. there is a game called Verlet Swing, but still cool game that you make there

  10. when i started the video i immediately thought of verlet swing

  11. No offence but your concept looks like "A Story about my Uncle". but cool game otherwise 🙂

  12. How tf do you only have 20k (now 20,001) subs

  13. Looks cool, any thought to port this to VR, maybe on the quest?

  14. 2:44 exists


  15. just wanna say that technically 1:15 another good way to limit velocity whilst encouraging momentum is with drag, which unity has built into its rigibody system. Although the velocity cap requires much less tweaking and is probably simpler, technically drag is more "accurate".

  16. This looks really cool, well done! While watching the footage I was wondering how it would be if the rope would be a physical object: so let's say you grapple onto a tree which overhangs a bridge but you then swing underneath the bridge and thus your rope length suddenly cuts off considerably, giving you even more acceleration.

  17. Imagine playing this game with Microsoft Kinect ™

  18. this is really well done! will likely go and leave a donation 🙂

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