I Made a PARKOUR Game in One Month!

Twitter: twitter.com/BarjiYT

In this video I create a fps parkour game in one month! This Video took forever to film/edit so if you did enjoy then make sure to leave a like!

Evan King:

Music Credits:
Yotam Perel:
PurplePlanet: Music:

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  1. Bugs:
    1. Why is the game bigger than my screen?
    2. I have like 1 fps please better performance
    3. why does the level keep restarting randomly even though I'm not dying
    4. why am I entering the mushrooms and getting stuck inside it

    Suggestion, please give tutorial I have literally no idea how to control anything
    also i think level 7 is way too hard

  2. Great Video! You should add some post processing though and maybe a skybox 😺

  3. what is… verlet swing. *AYY you just won jepordy!!*

  4. oh. so like a less restriced "a story about my uncle"?

  5. I feel like this game if polished and had more, creative levels added could become a big hit

  6. so this game is karlson and Clustertruck baby

  7. Reminds me a bit of A Story About My Uncle, which is really cool.

  8. i always searched up grapple when i found a new "game shop"
    love how it growing

  9. 6:35 this would be a good way to project an image onto a ground IRL, for those perspective paintings to where from one angle it looks real, but looking at it dead on, its all distorted. using this technique, cut out a shape of what is in front of you (the image) and then the geometry behind it that was in your line of sight that was not rendered will have the correct placement on the ground to where the image should be projected and exactly how. imagine using this in some AR goggles and tracing over the AR on the pavement. would make creating these much easier.

  10. Can see myself spending hours and hours playing this!

  11. this game is just

    Karlson X cluster truck


  12. Source code? I'm making a similar game but I can't get it to work properly it's swinging but (laggy for the player lol) or when I'm swinging it swings the other way help?

  13. You could of made your velocity reset when you touch the ground for a easier time for coding and make you have no momentum cap

  14. Continue making this game, would be fun to see it released on steam.

  15. 5:29 Lol 😂 wheeze
    Oh wait you don't know what Karlson is Karlson is just a game Dani has been working on AND IS NOW THE 17TH MOST WISHLISTED GAME ON STEAM GAMERS!!!!!!!

  16. This game looks like it's PERFECT for a vr version

  17. Anyone know this guy from the muck vids on dani's channel?

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