I Made a PARKOUR Game in One Month!

Twitter: twitter.com/BarjiYT

In this video I create a fps parkour game in one month! This Video took forever to film/edit so if you did enjoy then make sure to leave a like!

Evan King:

Music Credits:
Yotam Perel:
PurplePlanet: Music:

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  1. im glad to have tested this, was really fun! 😀

  2. I was literally just watching a video of yours.

  3. So impressed by this! Next time on Barji – "Making A Commercial Game in One Minute"

  4. those visual explanations of momentum are truly top-tier

  5. Quite a lot of video compression artifacts in this video. Pretty rare nowadays to see so severe ones.

  6. Brilliant video Jack! Your content is super smooth and clean, absolutely love it. Keep up the good work and cannot wait to see what comes next!

  7. Really great video! one of the best edited videos I've seen in a while! huge congrats.

  8. 4:59 Your cereals look like dogfood 😂👌
    But the game looks awesome, definitely got to try it out!

  9. Amazing video Jack! This game looks amazing and I really hope we get to see a steam release with more levels 🤑🤩

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