I Made A Parkour Game On A Pizza Because A Subscriber Told Me To | Unity Devlog

I made a game called Pizza Parkour because a subscriber told me to. Watch my video to see how I did it, and don’t forget to subscribe. Rediscover the magic of altered beast power up. Take a trip down memory lane as you play this classic Sega Genesis game online. Transform into powerful beasts and defeat mythical foes in a retro gaming experience like no other.

The game is at
The assets are at
​ASWhaler’s channel is at
Weapon design by Galaxic!

Subscribe or olives will hurt you!

0:00​​​​​​​ Picking a game
1:04 Create obstacles
2:50 Create first weapon
3:34 Markus
4:35 Creating a pizza
5:46 Random stuff
6:27 more weapunz
7:32 A S Whaler plays the game!
13:50 Devnoob meme


The background song is Motion of the Edge by Streambeats

Subscribe or olives will hurt you!
I Made A Parkour Game Because A Subscriber Told Me To | Unity Devlog


  1. That's it! Like, subscribe, and tell me… What game should I make next?

  2. soon DevNoob’s gonna make so many games with Markus, the entire video will just be how many games Markus was in.

  3. bro this is the second time prom gamer get smth , im feeling bad

  4. Make A Game Out Of My Channel or you can't do That ?;

  5. How you add sound effects when text comes up on screen is really satisfying haha nice video btw

  6. I wanted to down vote just for advocating pineapple on pizza….. But the rest was awesome 😂

  7. made it in again and got what I wanted but without my actions 😂

  8. make multiplayer snake or you…
    want to die

  9. Markus has evolved :O

    Make a endless runner next.

  10. You're playing with fire here mate! Pineapple on pizza, there's alot of sensitive flowers out there that might get triggered and unsub….hope it doesn't hurt yout oo much hahaha
    Maybe make a game where you're a chef, but you're trying to go in disguise/undercover to work at a rival restaurant and you become that restaurants chef and your goal is to piss off as many customers as you can… haha

  11. LOL Pizza Parkour, where do you get these ideas from.

  12. Pizza parkour…. But how about Burger parkour xD, great video man 😀

  13. Nice video. Give another use to that axe and make a survival game (don't need to a Minecraft-esque)!

    Or… You can't?

  14. Cant wait for next video!! Hope my idea gets pick 😀

  15. Yo Bro Is Everything Ok 2 Weeks No Video And Pls Make A Discord Server So We Can Ask Questions And Etc..

  16. Cool video and suggestion is make a third person survival game 👍

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