I Made My DREAM VR Game!

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➤Download Grapple for FREE (You don’t need a VR 🙂 ):

I created a VR Parkour grappling game that YOU can play right now for FREE. It’s called Grapple. The VR version will come in a later update 🙂


Second Channel: @BarjiLIVE

➤Things/Friends in the video:
(Look at me helping out small creators 😉 )

0:00 – Intro
0:37 – What is Grapple?
0:50 – Getting Started
1:36 – Adding VR
4:17 – The Maps
4:33 – World 1
6:27 – World 2
7:27 – World 3
8:00 – Menu
8:20 – Achievements
8:37 – Brilliant

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➤ Bruh Paragraph
I created a video game in 24 HOURS (Not Really) it was more like ONE MONTH or 1 MONTH. This is a game like minecraft except without the mining or crafting. Dream plays minecraft with MrBeast and Technoblade. This game is called Grapple and is similar to Cluster Truck and Karlson and other Parkour related games.

This video was sponsored by Brilliant #Barji #GameDev #Grapple


  1. It’s funny how u pretended like u stole the ve headset but since u asked u bought it urself

  2. Hey barji. I was wondering if you could add more levels for grapple like maybe add more levels that are bossfights and you need to grapple on each pole ( you grapple on) and it would release a string each time and it would make the monster fall in the lava
    reply to me if you want to add that and say yes or no

    i thought that could be a cool idea!

  3. If you’re new to vr you would vomit if you played grapple in vr

  4. Me: watching this video not knowing that the game I have been playing for years is made by a youtuber

  5. I didn't know you madd this buz I play it always is fun lol

  6. good vid but every time i go to play the original game i get to the mushroom and i get kicked of the game when i get close to the water it blinds

  7. Hey you may have put it in the video but what is available on?

  8. No when you ask your grandma to get you Spider-Man, she doesn’t give you this you gives you grab vr

  9. you have more than 100k and no grapple updates

  10. bro give us the dlc youve reached iook subs

  11. Bro I was about to sub and share untill you said "steam vr" instead of oculus 2

  12. Mario galaxy music!! Let’s gooooo!!!!!

  13. Why is dude just a slightly smarter version of dani

  14. That's not how it works dani is the one that makes threats

  15. hey is this game still out on vr because i want to try it on the meta quest 2


  17. Well now we know why Dani has ent uploaded for ages

  18. I've been playing this game! Cool that you made it!

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