I Modded Project Zomboid Into a Parkour Game

I tried to survive using Parkour on the city rooftops in Project Zomboid.
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Based on @Ricksdetrix Rooftop Challenge Series



Vaulting Zombies
Zombie Climbs Wall
Ladders!? (Vo.0.10)
[COS] Custom Zombie
Climb Down the Rope
Sheet Rope Climbing & Jumping
Dive Through Windows
Mod Manager
Spongie’s Clothing
Item Tweaker API
Spongie’s Hair
Fluffy Hair
Harry’s Hair
Tsar’s Common Library v.2.07
Easy Config Chucked
Craft Helper Continued
Ellie’s Tattoo Parlor V4
Extra Map Symbols
Improved Hair Menu
Spongie’s Open Jackets
ItemTweaker Extra Clothing Option Addon
Raven Creek
Realistic Backpacks
Manik’s Retexture a Decade Later (vanilla tiles + grime)
Expanded Helicopter Events
Slower Sprinters -43% Joggers | va.3
Ninja Science
Disassemble Container With Items
10 Years Later Vanilla Vehicles spawnrate)
10 Years Latar (RAVENCREEK)
10 Years Later (Low veg)
10 Years Later (MAPS)
More Traits
More Description for Traits 41.66+
Random Zombies
Azakaela’s DarkWorld Tiles
Mod Options
Don’t Drink the Tap Water
Fuu’s Roleplay Poses
Radial Menu API
Out the Window (vo.o.8)
True Crouching
Gun StockAttack



  1. 13:34 the volatile hive look gave me ptsd from dying light the following

  2. My past trauma from dying light was brought back with this video, fantastic

  3. watching this feels like watching a horror movie

  4. I'm always impressed by your ability to tell stories with these games, your editing, sound design and pacing are brilliant!

  5. With this mod the game is project dying light

  6. a very good dying light simulation/experiences with theses mods waaa

  7. Bro the sound of Dying Light's volatiles was very good during the chase

  8. what specific mods did you use for this video? i really want to try these out

  9. This video is crazy, good conten bro

  10. Bro, what mods are you use? Can you say please?

  11. lad made dying light 2 in project zomboid
    edit: the run in the zombie nest was like the final chase in dying light 1 when you were in canals and was going to kill rais

  12. Dying light hehehee
    Edit: holy…. this video is so WELL MADE. You have talent and this is pure entertainment

  13. i just opened my dying light and saw this video, the music from menu kicked so good

  14. Idk how you did that isometric wobble thing in the intro but it looked super cool.

  15. Epic! Thanks for the video. Greetings from Belgium.

  16. this was really entertaining, and loved the mods you used, def gonna pick some of those up and sub! 😀

    Although it would be nice if the mods were in a collection just to simplify downloading them, it's a minor thing but it'd be helpful!

  17. Hi guys I'm a little late but may I ask is that location like the appartments in the base game or is it modded? Just never seen that type of houses in my playthrough. Thanks

  18. hey, can you say what mod did you used pleaze ? that look so cool :p

  19. reminds me of dying light, very very nice mod

  20. I know you linked them in the description, but it would be swag if you were to make a steam workshop modless of these mods instead!

  21. Project zomboid turned into dying light 2🩻

  22. There’s a man called Kyle Crane, he saved a city called Harran, only the real men recognize the game

  23. This obviously can be a drying light DLC

  24. This gameplay just makes anyone think "Damn, that guy is so experienced with sprinters"

  25. Thank you everyone for your support!! I had so much fun trying these mods! (Be sure to see the description for the full modlist). This video was inspired by the amazing @Ricksdetrix Rooftop Challenge Series: https://youtu.be/Nt6xVLOLEtw Be sure to check his channel if you haven't already!

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