I Played Horrible Roblox Parkour Ripoffs

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parkour barely has any ripoffs

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  1. no way 15,100K YOU GOT 100 MORE THAN THE GOAL WOOO

  2. Play horror games with issa and stuff it would be fun

  3. this channel would have a loooot of subscribers if he didn't play such a dead roblox game..

  4. What do you mean Runners Path is a horrible game.
    Runners Path = Mirror's Edge. It hurts me. Also Runners Path isn't even a Parkour copy!

  5. Bro parkour is a ripoff,u just did a dramatic intro xD

  6. Runners path isnt a parkour copy, its inspired by Mirror's Edge and honestly its good

  7. I dont think there parkour rip off (mostly) cause parkour is an irl genre and its be good to have actual parkour games other then obbies

  8. What do you use to edit you videos divided

  9. runners path its actually created before parkour so

  10. Hey divided show me all of the link of the game please

  11. Honestly the first one it's just a parkour copy but gives you more points where parkour mod it's just a easier game and easy grind

  12. this guy didnt even notice that runners path is a mirrors edge inspired game smh
    Edit : runway has the first mirrors edge death screen and audio
    cant even believe this man didnt put into consideration that there are triple A parkour games out there

  13. Bro rlly said that runners path is a copy 💀

  14. bro calls every roblox parkour game a "roblox parkour ripoff"

  15. parkour fans when a game has any type of fast paced open world type movement

  16. i saw you playing parkour with helpsent TheBlankPostit i offered to trade u salmon

  17. bro actually doesn't know the original game is called mirror's edge 😤

  18. Bro runner’s path isn’t a copy of parkour, its based on a game called mirror’s edge and its on steam and on ps.

  19. Astocia *aka esther* ( My Fic Countryball ) says:

    Give Me The Link To Runwaway.

  20. Not every parkour game is a copy of parkour parkour reborn was not the first parkour game

  21. Runners Path was based off Mirrors Edge and not parkour

  22. Whats the name of the song that started in the intro?

  23. District cascade better bro its still not finish and still good rather Runner path

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