I Played Horrible Roblox Parkour Ripoffs

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parkour barely has any ripoffs

Roblox Parkour:

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  1. fr this is every sanctioned country trying to remake something else

  2. im pretty sure runner's path is based on a game called mirrors edge

  3. My man told the vid will be today, and he have done, it ain't no way.

  4. 2:12 that was my friends game I was trying to vision something different from parkour but it was still in testing phrase its not done I haven't work on it for like a while because I was working on other things so I hope you see this divided

  5. ive been a fan sense 3k but i havent seen you in a while hope your views go some time 🙂

  6. yo dude i was crying but now i am distracted ty

  7. bro parkour is inspired by mirrors edge but we don't saay hudzell copyed it and runners path is also the same thing you just want more views

  8. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb says:

    day 1

  9. I don't think you should quit your keeping the game alive and even if you do switch, I will carry on your legacy

  10. bro doesnt know runners path i roblox mirror edge and dude runners path was made before parkour and it isnt a copy

  11. OHHH RUNNERS PATH IS THE GAME I PLAYED BEFORE PARKOUR i thought that was like a lobby of parkour but no lol

  12. The menu for runners path is good because parkour doesn't have one

  13. Please don’t quit I’m fine if you do other games and parkour too

  14. Nice to see that you played my Runway game. I worked on it for about 3 months then dropped it as it became tedious and overbearing with messy code, yet I'm probably gonna redo the whole thing and make it more fast paced. Thats by the way for the comments. I'll probably fix everything later on. 🙂

    – NumeralDivision

  15. I don't want you to switch but in my opinion the most important things are that it's entertaining, fun and not stressful for you and of course it's also important that its entertaining and fun for us however I think that it's best to focus on yourself so you don't burn yourself out and make sure you have fun when making videos

  16. yo divided did you know resp7 is one of my friends 🙂

  17. You should try beatrun. It's a good gmod Parkour mod. It's paid tho but if you like it i can gift it to you

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