I Released My DREAM Parkour Game

➤Compete for your chance to enter the Wolves Den:

➤Download Grapple for FREE:

➤Grapple Speedrunning:

We’re working on making the old version available again, just hang in there.


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Barji – I Made My DREAM VR Game! –


  1. I thought you had moved on from game dev in Unity? or did you just use Unity because you were remaking a game that you made in unity?

    EDIT: never mind I read through other comments and he has commented it was only for this video

  2. Thank you so much. I loved this game to death and was waiting for an update. I've also been looking for a new fast paced game. I can't wait to see the custom levels!

  3. this is the best day ever for annoying youtube commenters

  4. Bro the knocking sound gives me so much anxiety
    Nice job on the game though

  5. Bro forgot the vr and thought i wouldn't notice

    Just kidding take your time

  6. I liked the idea of it being a puzzle game instead of a fast pace plat-former.

  7. Thank you for replacing the hole Dani left inside my heart 🙂

  8. My biggest problem with this game is that it just doesn’t feel like you’re going fast. The lines are a good start but I think the main issue is the empty space. I wana see decorative props flying around me as I go super fast. Anyway I look forward to playing the new game good stuff

  9. This is freaking awsome-sauce!!!! Super duper cool!!!!

  10. Please remake BURG its like the best game ever

  11. tbh the levels look way less complete than in the first one, like they are missing something graphically

  12. You should add vr support that would be so cool

  13. I liked the planets more but then you removed them 🙄

  14. WERE IS VR @barj oh and i loved the video keep it up

  15. could you make it available for mac?
    i tried playing it on my MacBook, but it said invalid platform

  16. can you make it available for the Samsung smart toaster. I feel like nobody makes games for it!

  17. Oh no…. does this mean you're done with Godot?

  18. I have a dream game myself, but due to current inexperience, I want you to try to make it barj.
    IDEA: You are trapped in a cruel, technological corporate world. No one has any identity there. The only way to escape is to die, until the government runs out of clones to reboot you back to keep working. Eventually, you are told there will be one clone in a paradise planet far away that you can be rebooted into once the government runs out of their clones to interrupt, but you’ve got to work for it in such a safe, yet horrifying world.
    Endings can vary. My ideas for them: Good End; You make it to the paradise world. Bad End; Paradise doesn’t exist. You killed yourself off for good now that your clones are gone. Acceptance End; Could be unlocked in the very beginning. You don’t make any move or attempt to kill yourself in the first few moments of the game. The player stays, losing their mind. True Ending; The player doesn’t make an attempt for the Paradise World, but attempts to save the people in the corporate one. This path is a whole different story, now attempting to not die as you start a rebellion, as the government will keep the clone you reboot in into captivity to interrogate and torture you. AKA, the Hard Mode run.

  19. you should make a leaderboard where you can see your score compared to others. LOVE THIS GAME Thank you


  21. What if you combined all versions and add features from the start of the video in a new world?

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