I RIPPED THE EXAM TEST AND RUN AWAY with @DumitruComanac (Parkour Chase POV) eng sub

#school #parkour #funny #comedy

BROKE THE EXAM TEST AND RUN AWAY with @DumitruComanac (Parkour Chase POV)
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STUDENT: @DumitruComanac

In this video, a student writes nothing on the assessment test. The teacher cancels the test, then gives the non-serious student another chance. The student does not want to write and breaks the test. The teacher gets angry and… you can see the continuation in the video.

#action #parkour #escape #teacher #angry #pov #upgirl #chase #running #jump

⚠️ These stunts were made by professionals and in a controlled and secure environment. Not to be reproduced.


  1. School got F+ failed but she have to say sorry but she failed😰😭😢

  2. Он умеет по-нерусски разговаривает

  3. А он хорош молодец ты красава 😊😊😊😊😊😊 ставлю тебе 5

  4. У вас тоже когда вы не написали тест то за вами бежит училка?

  5. What language are you speaking to your teacher

  6. Ты русский если ты русский то можно аидео на русском?

  7. Ты крутой нечего что-ты не Русс 😅❤

  8. POV: when your getting chased by a impostor among us

  9. Roblox school parkour be like : teacher said your not gonna escape the school student said no I am gonna escaping the school

  10. На каком он языке говорит?

  11. In this video l wanted to spend my summer vacation at the beach with my friend elena but the teacher cancel my test and told me to repeat it again so l ran away and the teacher was after me but at the ending l crash into my friend elena and we met our teacher and ran

  12. По этому видео нужно делать игру про паркур 👍

  13. Этот парень через училку так классно перепрыгнул😃😃😃

  14. кто знает румынский язик?

  15. доказал что не терпила😎😎

  16. They're Romanian so I also live in That country.

  17. Speaking Russian In United States Be Like:

  18. 喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔

  19. Когда понимаешь что учитель лучше паркурит чем ты

  20. POV: if you got to do the exam again 😀

  21. Перевести на русский язык

  22. Open captions and you will understand what they are saying

  23. Я́ оди́н ту́т Ру́сский и́ли …. Что́? Ско́лько их ту́т?!
    (I'm reconsidering video's)

  24. If i do that to my teacher my teacher will kill me

  25. The first and very successful collaboration.🔝🔥💥
    I am very glad that together we created this interesting video on a very current topic.💪
    The video has a very impressive success. 👍👍👍😍🥰

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